Kitchen Sink Cookies

I wish I had some divine words of epiphany for you today. I don’t. I’m still recovering from my weekend, haven’t sat down for more than five minutes, am writing this far later than I would like to admit and have a mountain of laundry to move before I can begin to find my pj’s or pillow. Handsome and I over booked ourselves all weekend long and even into tonight, had company over, without realized that he starts school again tomorrow. So much for cuddle time. 😉

But hey, cookies!



I know its bad to not bring your A game to every post. I know there are a slew of real bloggers that would put their noses high in the air over this one, but sometimes, a cookie is just going to have to do.

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  1. says

    If it’s got coconut, I’ll eat it. Scratch that and make it hoover it up.
    What makes kitchen sink cookies kitchen sink cookies? *asks the non-American*

    • Kita says

      Its the fact that you can really throw anything in these to suit what you may have in your pantry. “Everything but the kitchen sink.”

  2. says

    Hey sometimes life happens, at least you got a post up! And a yummy one at that. I have piles of clean laundry still lying around my room from doing laundry yesterday. I’ll put it away eventually.

  3. says

    This is my kind of cookie! What’s better than stuffing them with all things delicious? It’s hard keeping up a blog when life gets busy. Classes start again Thursday for me and I’m barely gonna have time to breathe. But we keep on posting anyway!

  4. says

    You are a real blogger and epiphany or not I have your back. (It’s better than not posting at all :( which does happen.)

    These are my fave cookies I love being able to toss anything in there that fits my current mood or craving!

  5. says

    hey any blogger that put’s their nose up in the air over your post, isn’t a blogger worth following! What a great cookie, and the fact that you thought to post at all says a lot! I have been trying to be good, but now you have me craving those cookies….sigh

  6. says

    No such thing as “just a cookie” kita!! And blog snobs are not cool so bah humbug to them! Isn’t it crazy how some weekends are so busy you are *almost* looking forward to the working week for things to get back in to routine. Almost being the operative word there. Hope your next weekend is more cruisy x

  7. says

    I love cookies, and yours look so good, with “everything, but the kitchen sink.” I haven’t made these in ages. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.

    Congrats on the Top 9 today!

  8. says

    I’ve really, really been trying to slow down on the sweets after the holidays, but one does need a good cookie now and then. And this baby has everything in it that I love! Very Top 9ish…. nicely done!!!

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