Halloween Sugar Cookies


The chilly weather has me needing layers and craving new gear (which can be a very dangerous thing) so this weeks round up is all about riding gear. Lucky for you, I just made it one picture so you can scroll down to cookie awesomeness – or you can actually check out those spiftastic handles that I’m putting on my wishlist.

Yeah, I seriously need a black jersey. Why? Because who doesn’t feel bad ass when clothed in all black? I know it certainly makes me prance around the house like a ninja. Yeah, I’m full of inspiring posts this week aren’t I?







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    Hehe, I totally feel like a ninja when I wear all black and I fully embrace the ninja within when people come around a corner. HIIIIIIIIIYAAA!!

    These cookies are so cute, love the little Halloween faces on top!

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    A ninja, eh? Hmm … why yes! One does feel a little different when all in black … prancing around, I doubt a ninja would be too pleased with that word :)
    I think you’re the craftiest person I know … uh, not in the bad sense, but as in artistic. Love these simple cookies. And the pics are gorgeous as always!

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    Very cool looking cookies and I love the dramatic look of the photo too. Love the riding gear too. We have a ton of that around the house usually hanging from fans, dresser handles, etc when Mr. Hairy Legs washes his tri gear – it does not go in the dryer under any circumstances. Those cycling shorts are really nice. Sometimes I feel a little self conscious in them, like they are really tight on my thighs and I am so not a professional cyclist, but they are a necessity if you want to be able to walk after a long ride.


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