Grilled Swordfish Steaks for round two

Ever wondered who should pay on the first date? With more and more people meeting in the internet, I read an interesting article on Chow the other day about first dates and the bill. Now, I’m funny about the tab. Actually, I pretty much have to really dislike you to not offer to help out with the bill on the first date. That being said, I think a gentleman should insist on paying on the first date, no matter what I offer, but allow lenience if their is a second. I’m weird about money and wont allow myself an extra drink or anything that may look a little extra on the menu if I know someone else is paying.

It wasn’t until I met, and moved in with Handsome that the bill always just seemed to default to him. Do I think it’s right? Nope. But he makes more than me, and has a budget that can afford it. I do 99% of the grocery shopping, so there is my contribution to our food. And, I can biasedly say, we eat quite well.

So what do you think, who pays on date numero uno?

Either way, here’s a great showstopper for if you make it to round two. All the look of a fancy meal and none of the fuss.


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  1. says

    Wow! That’s an amazing looking piece of swordfish! I had some before when a friend gave us a huge chunk when he caught one during a fishing trip but I don’t remember it looking so good and I believe we thought it was pretty cardboardy! LOL! Wish I saw this recipe then.
    Well, I know I’m asian and suppose to be more conservative and old fashioned when it comes to dating and who foots the bill, but for me, it depends on who asked who out. I mean, if I asked the guy out, that means I’m inviting him and I should pay. Hey, that doesn’t sound too asian either but then, I’m one confused creature. 😛

  2. says

    I’m just like you- totally agree on the first day, the girl should pretend she wants to pay (HA!) but the guy needs to insist on footing the bill… and I think it should go like that for dates 2 & 3 as well… it can be an awkward thing, but if you are going to click and continue dating, there won’t be any awkwardness about it… Like you guys, Lloyd always pays when we grab dinner- however, I buy and cook all the groceries! Sometimes I’ll pay- if it’s quicker takeout and it won’t hurt my wallet too much, but like you said, he makes a lot more than me.

    On a completely unrelated note… I don’t even eat fish and this looks DIVINE!

  3. RavieNomNoms says

    I agree, I think that the guy should always pay on the first day. Sorry fellas, but it is definitely something you should do. Whether or not a girl wants to admit it, it will definitely shape her opinion about a guy if he doesn’t reach for the check.

    I have never been able to enjoy swordfish. It has too strong of a flavor for me…but this looks really gorgeous!

  4. says

    If a guy doesn’t try to insist on paying he’s a jerk. The sincere gesture is all I ask. I have never had a guy flat out let me pay for the first date at all. They usually let that side show on the second or third date…reminds me of some interesting ones.

    Your grilled swordfish made me DROOL!!! I’ve never had swordfish. Maybe I’ll make it for Taylor and I? :)

  5. says

    Wow Kita – those photos really draw me in and yesterday swordfish was on sale at the local grocer. And you know (in the olden days) husband did usually pay. And I usually was very careful to not be expensive! Today – I watch daughter take turns or split – they’re all poor college students!

  6. says

    True story- I’m 16 and on a first date with my to-be husband. We are at a Mexican place. The bill comes and he totally forgot to stop at the ATM beforehand (this is in the dark ages when your debit card was not a credit card). He looked SO uncomfortable explaining to me that he was just too smitten with my sarcastic banter on the ride to the restaraunt that he forgot to hit the bank. He was going to excuse himself from dinner and DRIVE TO THE BANK but he thought I might think he left me stranded (and with the bill no less)! I paid and he gave me cash 10 minutes later at the ATM. Ahh- 16 years later I like to make him squirm by telling that story.

  7. says

    Your swordfish looks delicious! You have some great pictures-I am craving grilled fish now. Regarding first dates-I had a guy arrive at my door and then state that I should drive to the restaurant-needless to say that was the beginning of the end.

  8. says

    Kita, a man should pay on the first date NO matter what! It’s just the gentleman thing to do :) This recipe looks fantastic and your pictures are amazing! :)

  9. says

    Very, very interesting post on dates and paying. I am like you….if someone else is picking up the tab, I’m very aware of what I order. I think the guy should pay…or at least offer.

    One nice thing about going out with “the girls” is we all know we’re going dutch and we order what we want ‘cuz we’re gonna pay for it! Yee Haw! It’s much easier going out with girlfriends….

  10. says

    The dude. Hands down. I dunno, I was raised in Oklahoma and that’s just how it is. I was shocked when I went to college and the guys expected ME to not only pay but open my own doors, pull out my own chairs and now that I think about it I was expected to ask THEM out in the first place! Some boys are so dumb.

    Awesome swordfish, my not-dumb boy would love this :) Buzzed!

  11. says

    I’m going through my thousands of posts on Foodbuzz, Kita 😉 And I enjoyed reading this one. First off, the swordfish looks amazing and I think that’ll be my next fish purchase. I haven’t had swordfish in awhiles and looking at this recipe brings back wonderful memories. Secondly, I had to chuckle because I’m TOTALLY THE SAME WAY–I won’t order a drink or order more if I know someone else (who isn’t necessarily obligated to pay for me) is paying! Unfortunately, I wish some people would think like us because they just order, order, and order and believe that we should SPLIT the bill. I actually find that pretty rude. What do you think?

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