Grilled Everything Pizza


I may have a new obsession this summer and it took me by surprise. Normally I get excited at the smell of smouldering charcoals and start to anticipate burgers, steaks, chops and other hearty meaty goodness – but this year I grilled my first pizza and there is no going back.

I may love my pizza stone but once I clumsily laid that first dough on the grate my opinion was changed forever. Sure, dinner takes a little planning ahead so that you have time to prep your dough and let it rise, but once that’s done, everything comes together very quickly. You have to move fast,  so have all of your toppings prepped and ready and having a helper on standby is also a great option ass it can be hard to do everything by yourself.
Once you try grilling your first pizza, you may reconsider just calling for delivery through the end of the grilling season.


What are you waiting for? Run out and turn your grills on – even if it is 104 degrees wherever you may be! :D


  1. I love grilled pizza- this one looks fantastic with all those delicious toppings!

  2. Why hello there yummy deliciousness! Grilled pizza- a must try. Dare I say it outloud…..I don’t yet have a grill :O

  3. This looks pretty amazing, lady!!!!

  4. Lovely grill pizza! It feels so fresh and warm :)

  5. RavieNomNoms says:

    Oh I just LOVE grilled pizza…my first experience grilling pizza was an absolute disaster haha…I definitely didn’t grill the dough first and it ended up being one big mess! Yours looks so amazing, love the ingredients you have going on here!

  6. Grilled pizza is soooo good. One of my friends has monthly pizza parties during the summer where we all grill our own pizzas. It’s so fun!

  7. I adore my pizza stone as well. And I’ll have to stick to that for the time being because the only grill I have is a George Foreman, and I’m not sure that’ll work with this :-( I might be desperate enough to attempt it.

  8. That grilled pizza looks so good! I can practically taste the crispy thin crust you created too.

  9. Have you tried grilling the pizza on your pizza stone? It comes out perfect, as you would get from a wood fired oven! I am never going back to cooking pizza any other way!

  10. that is one of the best pizza’s I have layed my eyes on, love it.

  11. Those are just such beauties. The irregular shape is so beautiful, so artistic. I can imagine how the smoke has added to the flavour of that.

  12. I love your pizza! Looks thin and crispy, just how i like them!

  13. Love grilled pizza!

  14. We are loving grilled pizza right now too, yours looks great!

  15. Looks wonderful! I have yet to try grilling pizza. I keep saying I am going to try it this summer. Summer is quickly disappearing I better get my butt in gear!

  16. I just discovered grilled pizza too — love it! So much nicer than having to turn on the oven!

  17. I’m with you….there is no better way to have pizza!

  18. I have never grilled my own pizza – but I have been completely obsessed with wood-fire grilled pizzas this summer. Every new restaurant I have stumbled across has had the best grilled pizza! Needless to say, I just about drooled when I saw this at the top of your blog. I might just be inspired to try my hand at this…

  19. Beautiful pizza, it is worth waiting every minute to be done….looks delicious:)

  20. That pizza sounds damn good!! I LOVE grilled pizza! I started grilling my pizza 2 summers ago and now we can’t wait for ‘grilled’ pizza nights. :)

  21. I love grilling pizzas! We went a little crazy last time – making odd combos like ‘pork & beans’ and mashed potatoes and gravy – definitely had tons of fun with that one!

  22. Kita, what a marvellous way to cook pizza. Definitely trying this! Love the simple strong flavours of the topping.

  23. Beautiful. I hear such wonderful things about grilled pizza….I really must try it.

  24. I made my first grilled pizza not too long ago, too. It was awkward and messy business trying to get the soft dough on the grill just right, but so worth it! I topped it with goat cheese, asparagus, green onions and potato slices.

  25. I absolutely love grilled pizza. It looks so good and I need to make one :D

  26. That looks great. And even a fancy non-traditional shape. Which says a lot about the chef!

    That’s one thing I’ve yet to try, but intend to do this year.

  27. I grilled my first pizza this summer, too, and loved it! It blew the pizza stone out of the water.

  28. Grilled pizza thin & crispy, mmmm… you can always throw almost anything: veggies, cheeses, deli meats, herbs… and it is always delicious.

  29. Mmmmm…looks awesome! I have never tried to grill a pizza before…looks like I need to! :)

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