Flank Steak with Peanut Butter Noodles and a Philly Bloggers Meet-up


This weekend was awesome. First off all, I had off. For those of you who work in retail or have a non-9-to-5 job, you get what I’m saying. Second, I got to meet some great food bloggers at R2L, an awesome event organized by Wendy at La Phemme Phoodie!

R2L is a stunning restaurant located on the 37th floor of Liberty Place and Chef Daniel Stern did a wonderful job of pulling out all the stops by serving wonderful appetizers, drinks and preparing a flawless selection of dishes for us ‘foodies’ to photograph and  indulge upon. Photographer Eric Mencher gave a nice talk covering some photography basics and Visit Philly and Philly Homegrown introduced myself to their efforts with FoodSpotting and interest in local blogger scene.

All in all everyone did an outstanding job of throwing a great meet-up and it was a pleasure to be able to attend – even if I did have to immediately run off to buy a new washing machine to replace the one that decided bite the dust earlier that day.

To see some photos of the event, please check out the images at the bottom of the page.

On an unrelated note to the above, if you would like to sneak this one on the table without any argument, hide the jar of peanut butter before your better half sees it.

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  1. says

    Peanut butter noodles … that sounds strange, yet interesting. I’ve had a great many things with peanut butter, some pretty strange combinations too. This will be next.

  2. Sudha says

    Peanut Butter Noodles sounds like a very new idea!And the assortment from the event looks lovely – no doubt you had a great time:)

  3. says

    Haha! I totally have to do that if I want my other half to eat this! Sometimes he’ll eat peanut sauce it’s weird.

    I really REALLY love your photography style.

    Maybe if I made these peanut butter noddles I could have them all to myself. 😀 I’m not sure what is in that photo with the demitasse cup but that one caught my attention. I would love that framed above the little counter in my kitchen…

    • Kita says

      Thank you (actually hated the flank steak and pb noodle pics myself) annnd I was a terrible foodie blogger and didnt write down any of the food I was photographing but Im sure I could find out what it is for you. I can send you the print without the watermark if you want.


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