Easy Cheese Danish

Sure, once in a great while I may be selfish and cook something I know Handsome won’t touch with a ten foot pole, but sometimes I see a recipe that’s all for him and I rush to the kitchen to make it. He works all day (usually outside on the hottest days or up on a roof in the coldest) and doesn’t always stop to eat anything nutritious so dinners at night aren’t about the blog, they are about feeding him well to make up for the long day.
In the morning we both don’t often stop for breakfast but he has been guilty for falling for the buy one get one free Entenmann’s danish from time to time. Ever wanted to know why you don’t let your other half go to the market alone when your the one that does the cooking? Yeah, that’s why.

So here’s a much more cost efficient semi-home made version that you can whip up in a few minutes and have ready fresh every day to prevent drive-by snacking from your local Quicky Mart.

These quick and simple cheese danishes looked perfect. The used up some Pillsbury crescent dough that I knew I bought for some reason and are fairly easy to adapt to any taste by adding berries, lemon or apples on the inside or on top while cooking. I only used one tube and made four knowing we wouldn’t eat them quickly, but if you were in a pinch and needed to wow those unexpected guests, these would go a long way with minimum effort.


  1. I love these, what a good use of the cresent rolls too! Also love the new options to print the recipe very convenient!

  2. Hot. Nice sneaky use of the crescent dough too :)

  3. Yum! Those look so soft and sweet.

  4. You got me at “easy” :D

  5. These look really good. I know my wife would love them.

  6. Wow they looks so delicious :) Beautiful pictures, too :)

  7. Aren’t you a sweet girlfriend! These look wonderful!

  8. I’ve been meaning to bake up some cheese danishes. I found a similar recipe a little bit ago that I keep putting off. Now I may need to make them after seeing these.

  9. I love your minimum effort, maximum impact approach with these, Kita. They’d make a lovely lazy brunch and would definitely impress guests.

  10. These look so great, Kita! I could go for one right now!

  11. Oh, yum. When I was younger I didn’t like cheese danish because the concept of cheese being in it grossed me out. How silly. Everyone knows that cheese danish are delicious!

  12. Kita these look phenomenal! Awesome mouthwatering picture as always..yummy!

  13. I’m just learning how to bake, so dough and I arent too close yet….however, THIS I know I can do! Maybe add a little lemon zest somewhere? On top? Mmm…..

  14. Wow, I haven’t had one of those Entenmann’s danishes in years!! I loved them as a kid. How cool that you figured out how to make it yourself! What a lucky husband you have. :)

  15. i’ve never used the store bought Crescent Rolls but your danishes look pretty darn good. I love a good cheese danish. I should make some soon, just bought some vegan cream cheese yesterday …

  16. So glad that these are made from cresent rolls! That means I can make them anytime I want!! And I want them all the time :)

  17. Crescent rolls are the bomb, aren’t they? I love what you’ve done with these. I do the exact same thing as you; sometimes make something just for me and other times bend in many directions to make sure Hubby gets a special treat I know he’ll love. I can’t wait to try these!

  18. RavieNomNoms says:

    That is really interesting…would never think to use crescent rolls, but it looks like it was a winning idea for sure. I can’t resist cream cheese…it’s kinda bad haha

  19. Nothing wrong with a little something/something semi-homemade. Excellent pictures too.

  20. These sound excellent and look so good. I love the fact that you used store-bought dough, perfect!

  21. you are so sweet to make your guy something special! My wife did try cooking for me a night a week, it was just too painful to bear…sigh
    I love cheese danish and what an easy way to make something so delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  22. I love quick and easy especially when it comes to treats! It’s nice to see some down to earth semi-homemade cookin!

  23. Those danishes look delicious. What a treat for Handsome to come home to!

  24. LOVE that this is semi-homemade! My kinda danish! :D

  25. For as much as I love cheese danish the plastic wrapped ones from the store don’t seem too stimulating lol. These look awesome!

  26. These look wonderful! So sweet that you thought of your bf and made them!

  27. This is super! My hubby and I LOVE cheese danishes….BRAVO

  28. Wow! Easy peasey and so sweet and yummy! Love homemade over store-bought any day! Handsome’s a lucky guy!

  29. I saw these and was ready to hop on a plane to come visit. Great recipe. Hubs would love these.


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