Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins & Races

We have had a really busy weekend and a lot of things I want to talk about with you that are really important to a food blogger, but *almost* everything got bumped to brag about more mountain biking.

This Sunday, in a rather spontaneous choice, Handsome decided to race for the first time. The course is at a place we have ridden before, and minus some ‘race course’ alterations, he was pretty familiar with the terrain. He rode the track a few nights before the official race and was ok with his time, 55 minutes, but figured he could easily drop off at least 5.

We still weren’t sure Saturday if he was racing or not but half way through the day I got a message saying he was in. I was pumped for him. I texted some friends and found out they would be there too. Sweet! We would know at least two people (and really, out of over 700 people that is all we knew).

Sunday morning we got up at an earlier for him us time and had a classy breakfast at our local Waffle House (don’t judge, their omelet puts their neighbor, Cracker Barrel, to shame). We showed up about an hour and half early, just in time to see a friend of ours win it for his category and his wife kick off her race.

Handsome got bumped to the 30-39 age group (oh no!) which both pleased him as he wasn’t going up against 16 year old kids any more, and brought back his quarter-life crisis. Being his first race, it was only one lap in the beginner category, and yet my heart was racing. I knew he could handle it, and do well, but the amount of people, all the bikes, the racing, the spandex, all had me nervous.

He did finish, did well, and had no injuries. His time was 49 minutes. Very cool for his first race. And we are already looking at the next race for him. Our friends did awesome as well pulling in first and fourth in their categories! I ran around like a wild thing from point to point cheering Handsome on and trying to take everything in. Big thanks to Fatmark and Diane for all the help and guided tours lately!

Lesson learned: Even if you are not riding, bring your bike. You’re going to need it to get around. And sunscreen. And a hat. 😉




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  1. says

    Well done, Handsome! This actually inspires me to dust up my bike that was laying in the guestroom forever!
    Oh heaven! Those muffins look exactly like what dream of eating lately :)

  2. says

    Hurray for Handsome! I can barely manage to pedal up a paved hill on my bike without stopping halfway up to catch my breath, so I have nothing but admiration for people who bike on proper trails (let alone race on them!).
    Of course, if I convinced myself there was a basket of these lovely muffins waiting for me at the top of each hill, I might actually do better. 😉

  3. says

    Mmmmmmm, what a treat. I mean, can there be a better, more seductive muffin flavor combo? 😉
    (And sorry for the long absence, I was traveling/graduating)

  4. LoraW says

    These muffins are GREAT! I actually changed the peanut butter to white chocolate chips and they are truly decadent! Thanks for the recipe!

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