Cosmic Brownies: A return to school

Ever noticed as a kid, summer lasts forever. Fooooor.Evvvv.Eeer. Time ticked by slowly even though your days were filled with sunshine and laughter. The occasional family trip felt like days even though it was really only an afternoon. And you couldn’t wait for school to start to see all of your friends and show off that new 101 Dalmatians side slung backpack you scooped up. Ok, that last one was probably just me, and only in the second grade. Once. I swear.

Now, it seems like summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I didn’t even get the awesome summer camp trips. Before I know it, all of my friends are talking about how their kidlets are returning for another year and I start to fear the return of school bus traffic and annoying college kids that need crossing guards to help them walk properly.

When I laid eyes on these Cosmic Brownies a while back on Amanda’s blog, Fake Ginger, I was taken back to brown bag lunches and school days all over gain. In hard contention for the number one spot on my childhood favorite list, right up there next to the TastyKake, the Cosmic Brownie was always a joy to find in my lunch.

So, if your packing the kids up and wondering what you can sneak in for a surprise, or are like me and just need an excuse for some brownie noms, try these on for size.

A traditional Cosmic Brownie comes 2 to a package. Just enough to fill your inner fat kids left cavity, but it is really all you need for a great afternoon snack.



  1. I love how innocent they look with the apple right beside them :) I too made these from Amanda but it was literally the next day so I didn’t post them lol. They are yummy!

  2. This is so fun and they look like the real deal. Delicious, Kita!! PS – the photos are beautiful, as always!

  3. Ahhh, nostalgia!

  4. Now I want to go make them again!

  5. mmm you can never go wrong with brownies :)

  6. Kita, these brownies look so great! These look much better than the Little Debbie version! They look so rich and wonderful!

  7. These are sooo not what I was expecting ;) I love nostalgic desserts, makes me want to be a kid again bringing a lunchbox to school!!

  8. Omg I used to eat these ALL THE TIME at lunch! They were so good. I bet these are fifty million times better, though! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I remember TastyKakes were a staple in our house! I wish I could find them in the Midwest =)

    And these Cosmic Brownies will definitely be gracing our dessert plates very soon – well done Kita!

  10. Oh, gosh, who could resist these beauties???? My family loves when I ice our brownies…and they would be delighted with yours!!

  11. I had a dream i was going back to college and I nearly had a breakdown when I realized it wasn’t happening. haha. I miss school.

    These brownies are fabulous though. I’d be the happiest kid in school if I had one of these in my lunch box!

  12. I know right?! Summer seemed to be endless when you are younger and this summer definitely flew by without my even noticing it going. I mean really, when people tell you time goes quicker as you get older they ain’t kiddin!

    These brownies are so great! I love their super dark color and I love the presentation you have…the apple makes it seem like its OK to enjoy both of those gorgeous brownies hehe

  13. Maybe I’m crazy but I’ve never heard of Cosmic Brownies!

  14. Nothing like a dark fudgy brownie in your lunchbox! I’ll bet these did not last long-yum!

  15. These are awesome. My best friend in high school used to go crazy for cosmic brownies. He would buy the whole box.

  16. And they’d never eat their brownies. Not that I would have minded “back in the day.” Back to school = end of summer = sad.

  17. These look amazing. I have university aged kids but they’d gladly pack these up next week when they return to school.

  18. They look delicious and the PERFECT school lunch treat!

  19. Love this! I love Little Debbies and the idea of making them at home!
    Also-my best friend and I totally had matching 101 Dalmatian backpacks in preschool!

  20. Those look LOADED with cocoa! I can’t wait to try them.

  21. This is just right for school break snack..awesome recipe and beautiful the apple on the side..nice touch!

  22. Perfection…especially with the sprinkles on top. I would love to have one of these right now.

  23. Love it! My stepdaughter went back to school this week. Might have to slip one of these into her lunchbox and score some “brownie points”! ;)

  24. Looks like a domino but an edible one. I like the way its featured, it looks yummylicious.

  25. these brownies look so sinful. I would love to dig into at least one piece. The chocolate ganache on top makes them even harder to resist! And the sprinkles … so cute!

  26. I have a serious chocolate craving right now.

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this recipe. My daughter and husband will have WARS over who gets the last cosmic brownie in our house. I hate them myself, too rich for me. But to be able to make these at home and put off the arguing and blaming over where the last one went? You are my hero!

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