Citrus-Wine Poached Pears

Wait, did Victoria Secret just call me a slut?

If you were driving and saw a license plate that read ” <3 SLT “, what would you think? Well, I for one, would giggle while dangerously trying to snap a picture to text to my friends. Now, imagine discovering that same text on your new bra, spelled out in rhinestones. First of all, if I had noticed the rhinestones before then, I wouldn’t have made the purchase, secondly, WTF. There it is, on the side of my bra, <3 SLT. I even flipped it over to see if I was reading something incorrectly. Nope, that’s definitely what it said.

Um, excuse me, did Victoria Secret just call me a slut?

Ooooh, that’s the abbreviate of a category of style in you line of undergarments (Sexy Little Thing). I guess that makes it OK.

No one at the office caught that? Really, someone in PR should have picked up on that one in this age of twitter, texting and shortened English language.

And now to get my booty back into kitchen for one of the sexiest desserts I think I’ve ever made. 😉




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  1. says

    Right now I’m checking all my bras… what are they saying???
    I’m not actually a cooked pear fan but the way you presented it on the plate with that luscious sauce makes me wanna try it :)

  2. says

    This dessert is sexy the pictures are gorgeous I love the black all around with the pop of white from the plate. I would have laughed my ass off if I saw that license plate and I totally would have thought it meant slut lol. It’s even more hilarious that it’s on your bra but totally think agree someone is sleeping on the job at Victoria Secret lol!

  3. says

    Haha that is hilarious! I was just in VS the other day, buying a new bra, and I saw that on the side of one and I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Although you should look through what some of their “pink” clothes say. Really VS? Really….

    Your pears are quite sexy, by the looks of it, they would need a 32A…make sure and get the <3 SLT bra for them too! ; )

    • Kita says

      Handsome and I walked by the other night (and actually didn’t go in for threat of no supper – burger trumps bras) but even he stumbled upon reading some of the Pink things – and that was just on a quick walk by!

  4. says

    Yep, totally checked out my bras after reading the first couple paragraphs of this. SLT written on nearly half of them! Hehe, oh well.

    These pears look like a couple SLT’s too! But in a good way =)

  5. says

    I imagine those pears are sweet, tender and juicy! MMM! I’ve never poached pears but my other half has with his son and those pears were pretty spectacular! These pears are absolutely beautiful!

    I think some “girls” think it’s “cute” to be called a “SLT”. I saw a teenager with a shirt that spelled the word out the other day and she thought it was really neat. My first thought was…where is her mother?!? Then I remembered that some girls don’t follow a full-disclosure policy when it comes to their attire and parents. I wanted to pull a mama on her and make her get a real shirt, but I didn’t. I was too busy trying to find a way to explain what that word means to an eight year old. Why do all those words have to be phoenetic?!?

    • Kita says

      Oooh I say go for it! She probably needed to hear it – since her own parents weren’t telling her otherwise. You would probably lover my real life rants. I have a bag full of them and the boys at work know how to trigger them on a hairpin.

  6. says

    Oooohhhh….I just love poached pairs!!! And no, you’re not a slut hahahaha..dont you just love those people that sit in an office and just think of clever marketing tools? Oh I saw a green nailpolish called “Phew..whats that smell?”…really? lol

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