Chocolate Chip Pancakes


It’s amazing what a little sunlight is good for. There are tiny blue flowers popping up in the weeds that are overrunning my garden and I am taking that as the arrival of spring. If these microscopic blue buds can survive the cold nights, it must mean that warmer weather and longer days are right around the corner.

I don’t want to admit this to myself, but I think the winter makes me an antisocial grump. I can’t get outside and ride (I am just not tough enough), I don’t want to hang out as much, and my nice warm bed beckons me far too early. But today I went outside for the first time in a long time – other then the quick dash to the car. I let the cold air fill my lungs and impede my breathing as my feet hit the ground on my first outdoor run. And in an instant it was over. I was warm and ready for a longer distance questioning how much my first real run would hurt later and if I should just continue on. It has been hours since that run this morning, and I can tell you, I should have continued on. My legs are aching to be outside again, and I am questioning the setting sun and the few moments I have left for whether or not I can get some more time in.

In a few weeks, it’s going to be a mad dash of riding every chance we get, organizing the yard, and enjoying life a little more. Even as I typed that, a mischievous grin slid across my face as thoughts of the trouble we intend to get into came to mind. Handsome has registered for his first race, I’m considering joining him. There are 5k’s calling my name on top of the riding and the excitement is the only thing keeping me from hibernating for the next few weeks.

Good company, good food (I promise), and good adventures. It’s going to be an awesome year.




  1. I think after this bout of nastiness we’re seeing right now, Spring is right behind it! We’re itching for outside time, boat rides, and beach days here in coastal Maryland. These pancakes look great, enticing photos!

  2. Definitely one of my favorite breakfasts! Yum!

  3. I love spring too and can’t wait until it’s warm enough here for outside runs. I’m getting so bored with the treadmill and I’m too wimpy to run in the cold! Here’s to tiny blue flowers! (And pancakes!)

  4. I miss running outside so much! Even though I actually enjoy running when it’s cold out, the rain we’ve been having hasn’t been motivating. But it looks like we have a stretch of sun coming too!

  5. Yeah, I have those blue flowers all over too. And, I’m very ready for spring to be here for real and for good. I want to make these pancakes for Dudette. She’d love them.

  6. These look wonderful! So comforting.

  7. I love, love, love Pancakes! I also love the huge pile of bacon that is sitting next to those pancakes!

  8. I miss being outside too, I am beyond over winter! My husband definitely misses running outside, I know he’s itching to get off the treadmill. But anyway, chocolate + pancakes = my idea of breakfast heaven so I’m loving these :)

  9. I AM looking forward to warmer, brighter weather! In the meantime, these I’ll take any day!

  10. While everyone is wishing for it to warm up, I am kind of dreading it. So not looking forward to Phoenix summers! These pancakes look great! I love making chocolate chip pancakes, but I always cheat and use a box of mix, lol.

  11. Oh MAMA!!!!!!!

  12. These pancakes are so gorgeous Kita! I’m drooling right now,and that drip of syrup is killing me. :)

  13. My god daughter adores these pancakes … definitely making for her next time she stays!

  14. I am the least picky eater ever. Even foods I actually don’t like, like pancakes, have exceptions to the rule. These look tasty!

  15. Oh yum, those look like the perfect pancakes!

  16. I so wish there were flowers I could see, but we got dumped on with 24″ of snow today :-/

    I am so craving these pancakes…NOM. I could eat pancakes for breakfast lunch and dinner!

  17. I am begging for Spring. Begging!

  18. Ooh yum, your pancakes look so good!

  19. Best breakfast ever. I just heard we have snow in the forecast twice next week. I want to scream.

  20. I really want a huge helping of these right now! You really know how to get a girl hungry :)


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