Grilled Chicken with Wild Rice Salad

The phone just rang. It was the kettle calling to call the pot black. See, I’m the first one to whine and complain when I see Christmas Pins or pumpkins lining the aisles in July. I want to enjoy summer, the whole length of it, without feeling rushed into the holiday season. But what I didn’t know what that there was a tiny silent alarm in the back of my head that is triggered immediately after my birthday.

Suddenly there’s an ominous black cloud threatening that I may not be able to share all of my awesome grill recipes with you before soup and slow cooker season rolls in. And me, I’m flipping through the pages of my piles of cookbooks searching for pumpkin and apple recipes. We still have almost a full month of official summer and probably two more months of summer like temperature and here I am craving a piping hot bowl of soup. What gives?





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