Breaking the rules with Macaroni and Cheese

There are few rules in this house when it comes to food. Ok, let’s be honest – there are a ton of ‘requests’ that I pay no attention to (like no onions – really? No onions? Isn’t that part of the holy trinity of cooking? How could I possibly give up onions? My neon pink Virgin Mary would be horrified if she thought there would never be another onion in this house – it’s a sin!). But really, the BF is willing to try any of the things I put in front of him with minimal whining as long as I agree to serve mac and cheese once a week.

Not just any mac and cheese. His mac and cheese. Ready to hold those foodie palates noses high? We’re talking noodles and melted Velveeta cheese. That’s it. Maybe a dash of milk to help the goo slide, but it’s literally just that. Microwave Velveeta, pour over noodles. Mix that bowl up and serve. The worst part? I really like it, but every now and then it would be nice to make a real macaroni and cheese.

Wasn’t I the most excited little girl on the block when some friends of mine asked me to prepare them a ‘real’ mac and cheese? I jumped for joy! The BF couldn’t deny me an opportunity to actually purchase gruyere and use it!


For my own small ramekins I added already prepared bacon to the mac and cheese because everything’s better with bacon.

This turned out great. A little dryer then my liking after the time in the oven, but that is easily remedied with more milk in the future. Most of the tray was devoured (yes, even by the BF) at the Super Bowl and the rest went home with my friends.

I promise I’ll make it up to him when I’m back from Dallas with his weekly serving of Velveeta. Doesn’t that sound like a classy Valentine’s dinner?

Speaking of! If there are any ‘must trys’ now is the time to let me know! I’ve never been to Texas before and am really excited!


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  1. says

    now that’s a mac anc cheese I could devour!! you bf doesn’t know what hes missing, granted I like a little velveta too, but your mac and cheese takes it to a whole new level!

  2. says

    My “Washer Up” loves macaroni cheese too, he always smiles when I say I’m making it. You know like a big happy soppy smile. I put spinach, garlic & nutmeg in mine just to try and make myself feel better about the ton of cheese!!

  3. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE mac and cheese! I ate so much of it this weekend. Somehow I had it with dinner on Saturday, another order at a bar after dinner, and then again on Sunday at a superbowl party. As much as I love it… I felt pretty disgusted with myself. It’s a love and hate thing, I guess. Yours also looks amazing and I would happily scarf down a huge bowl of it.

  4. says

    i love mac n cheese, so i totally understand where youre coming from on the velveeta. it’s a good creamy sauce, thousands of times better than the classic kraft BUT there’s nothing like a good old roux based mac n cheese. i like that you added the cayenne pepper too, gives it a nice touch. and your pics are great! thanks for sharing!! cheers.

  5. says

    Oh yum… might even be able to lure him to the dark side with this mac and cheese. 😉

    I’ve met a couple folks who loathe onions…..I’m not sure how they function….it’s an unnatural state.

  6. says

    Oh lord that looks delicious. Doesn’t help I LOVE macaroni & cheese and my husband doesn’t. weirdo. lol I will most definitely be making this in the future. He can rummage around the kitchen and find something else to eat. lol
    & that is true, everything is better with bacon! lol My husband has yet to figure that out.

  7. says

    You crack me up. “Inspired by a lit­tle of Alton, a lit­tle of Ina and a lit­tle of my own inner fat kid…” this sounds like the best recipe for mac n cheese. I happen to agree about the bacon so you are in good company.

  8. says

    Ugh, you don’t even know – one of my brother-in-law’s will not eat ANYTHING!!

    Onions, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, any type of seafood, peppers (bell or jalapenos), asparagus, anything on the bone, celery.. and the list goes on. I hate cooking when he comes over!

  9. says

    I’m always trying to sneak food into my picky family, so I totally understand your frustration! It’s good to have friends you’ll let you break the rules a bit. This mac and cheese looks awesome!

  10. M. A. Rhodex says

    That looks so good! I have a similar recipe on my blog with even more cheese! But isn’t homemade Mac n cheese worth it??? Ok I’m making this for dinner tonight. Bacon and all!
    Fat kids unite!!

  11. says

    I am a huge fan of macaroni and cheese. My mom always used to make it with Velveeta, milk, butter, and lots of black pepper sprinkled on top. Making it with Velveeta is a nostalgic thing for me.

    As for the onions, I sometimes will use my box grater to “shred” the onions. They turn into a soupy oniony mess but you get the great onion flavor without the identifiable onion chunks in your food. Works great for picky eaters.


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