Beef Stew

There are simply not enough days until Christmas. I am thinking of starting a petition to bump it back to the end of January. It seems as though after Halloween there is this ma dash of prepping menus, cleaning, decorating and family get togethers that can quite frankly, stress people out.

In the summer (at least my family) you see your family all the time. It seems at least every other weekend there is a barbeque, game of horseshoes or birthday party that pulls everyone together. But none of those need any thought. Grab some burgers, grill some wienies, everyone will bring a side and party’s on.

So, my suggestion is to bump the holidays back to January (don’t worry we can still throw a small New Years shin dig) or make standard Christmas fare hot dogs and pre-sliced cheese. ;)

Speaking of holiday planning, I just found out I’m hosting Christmas dinner. So, any suggestions would be welcome….


  1. A winter fav! YUM!

  2. I will be the first to sign your petition! I am scambling to get the tree up, finish my shopping, and trying to keep up with the kids! A few extra weeks would do me a world of good! The beef stew looks wonderful, one of my favorite things to make in the winter.

  3. That may be the absolute most awesomest picture of beef stew I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll sign the petition, but I’d rather just sign something that gets all the parties spread throughout the the year. Why wait until now to do cookie swaps? Why not do a summer swap? I’d probably get less chocolate and more citrus flavored cookies and bars that way.

    But for now, I want stew. That stew. Wow, oh wow.

  4. Looks perfect!

  5. Wow, love what it looks and those big cut of red potatoes looks Yummzz…

  6. Gosh, that stew is calling my name. I’m coming!

  7. Mmm, looks so delicious and comforting :) I love the use of coors light, haha :D Great recipe!

  8. I wish I can smell the aroma of your stew..I can imagine both taste and aroma..yummy stuff and great recipe!!

  9. I’m adding stew to my menu immediately…this looks fantastic and perfect for this winter blast of weather :)

  10. Oh, how I LOVE Beef Stew! I always used to ask for it for my birthday and while mom complained (just a little ) she always made it for me. I’ve not been as successful as she was in making it, but this one really has all the ingredients in it that I love. I think I just may have to give it a try!

  11. wow, this stew is too pretty to eat…almost.

  12. Quit! I’m so excited for Christmas – I wish it was tomorrow!

    I pinned this recipe awhile ago and really need to make it. It looks amazing!

  13. I have been hungry for beef stew. This sounds perfect Kita. And my husband will love that you used Coor’s Light…that’s his kind of beer, always in our fridge!

  14. Beef stew is one of three reasons I’m not vegetarian… This looks yummy enough to make me reach into my screen and pluck a piece of beef and a potato. Oh wait – I can’t do that. Darn fake future!

  15. Your stew looks amazing Kita! Dishes like these are one of the things I look forward too while waiting for cold weather to arrive.

  16. I will totally sign that petition!! I think with enough singnatures we could convince the big guy! This bowl of stew has got mouth mouth watering! I’m longing for a bowl of hot soup to warm me up!!

  17. I made beef bourguinon one year, huge hit! Similar to this stew, which looks fabulous!

  18. the photos are great! So hard to make beef stew pop like this gorgeous. Red potatoes are my favorite. I have a problem cooking with beer… I have to drink two and cook with one :) wine and sake is even worse hahaha

  19. I need more time too. Either that or the days need to be longer!! This beef stew looks great! It’s similar to mine, but I have never tried adding beer, I love it!

  20. Nothing like a hearty beef stew to get you through the winter! I can’t believe how soon Christmas is. Now that we live away from family it seems like more work. My in laws get here on the 22nd – I am kind of freaking out!!

  21. I like your January plan. I <3 sliced cheese.

    Can we have this stew too?


  22. This stew looks amazing! I know if you’re hosting dinner this year, everyone will feast! Beautiful pictures (as always)

  23. Beef stew is the perfect meal for the holiday chaos. If you are looking for holiday ideas, I would say go with tri-tip or pot roast. and of course garlicy mashed potatoes!

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