Baked Mini Blueberry Streusel Donuts

Baked Mini Blueberry Donuts from
Let’s have a little chat about etiquette. Internet etiquette that is.

Last week it was brought to my attention that one of my photos, along with the entire recipe was posted to a facebook page that wasn’t mine. It’s the internet. It was built to share information quickly. It was a recipe. I post recipes on the internet because I want people to try them. But copying and pasting an entire post to your own page without and credit is just plain wrong. Sadly, these sort of pages are springing up everywhere and the people who follow them feel that they are perfectly right in what they are doing (and have been downright mean to food bloggers – you know the people providing them with the content they are stealing).

For instance, the recipe below is not my own. I did not create it and I don’t claim to. I’ve adapted it, put it in my own words and I include credit on every post directly below the title of the recipe and when applicable, a link to the original source. If I claimed this recipe as my own, you would accuse me of stealing it. And that would be wrong.

Do I want my posts shared – heck yeah! A snippet and link back to my site on your facebook page, freakin sweet! Want to hit the print this button and make 35 copies for your co-workers to take home – boom diggity! That was like handing out 35 business cards – except you could lick them! Pin, tweet, and google plus away. But please don’t try to jam the entire recipe into that post along with one of my photos. Not cool.

I know it’s just a food blog, and those are a dime a dozen these days. But I create the food from scratch. Their is no magic editing, no savvy tricks, fake cheese, glue, or editor. It’s me and my camera. Which takes time. I make the food, snap the photos, edit the pics, and write the posts. It’s not my day job, and it doesn’t exactly pay the bills, but please respect it. See, the money I make from this site does not come from Facebook or Pinterest. It only comes from actual clicks on this site. And its literally fractions of a penny to the thousand. When there is no need to click back to the site, you are taking bread off of my table, and future posts off of this blog. Less to drool over. Tragic right?

Moral of the story? Share with care ;D Yeah, I just went all Sesame Street on you. Baked Mini Blueberry Donuts from Baked Mini Blueberry Donuts from

Baked Mini Blueberry Donuts from PasstheSushi.comBaked Mini Blueberry Donuts from

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  1. says

    Discussion of attribution on the internet is something I’ve been reading a LOT about over the last year; it’s definitely a problem that all content providers, food bloggers and otherwise, run into on a regular basis. It drives me nuts seeing people blatantly crop out watermarks, or straight-up copy-paste words and images from a blog like yours where you’ve clearly gone through so much work (and it drives me nuts how little these people seem to care). I don’t know what the solution is, but educating people on what is and isn’t okay when it comes to sharing content is definitely a start.

    Also – I will definitely be breaking out my donut pan for these. 😀

  2. says

    The bummer is that I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote, but it’s hard not to think that it more an exercise in you getting if off your chest than any chance that it will do any good. Very disheartening.

    The donuts on the other hand, yowza. They look amazing.

  3. Suzanne says

    Hey Kita, I know what mean, I’ve seen mine on Pinterest too and it does let the air out of your ballon. I think for the most part people who don’t have blogs don’t know it’s wrong but then there are those that do know but don’t care. Good post and your mini donuts look yummy!!

  4. says

    Ran across this several times the past week for multiple facebook groups that took photos and recipes from my blog. Hell, one girl even copied my introduction from my sidebar and is using it as her facebook group intro! Talk about crazy. Should I be flattered? Lol. All I know is all her followers back her up like she is doing nothing wrong. It drives me totally crazy. :( The donuts look really yummy by the way :)

  5. says

    It is so sad, and those pages that are stealing content have a serious amount of followers…..makes me think they promoted on FB some of the content to build followers…..UGH!!! Your post was spot on, thank you!!! AND those doughnuts are so adorable, can I have a couple please! Hugs, Terra


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