Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins

I am not one to ‘eat healthy.’ My family never did carrot sticks and apple slices, so needless to say, it’s not really the thing I reach for when I need to chew on something. On that note, I am not a junk food person either. I have a box of Cheez-Its I absconded from my parents house with that I know will go stale long before I even put a dent in the box.   But, as I’ve gotten more into food the choices I make on a day to day basis are changing in a way that I feel is more healthy. I don’t eat red meat every night any more (as honestly I wouldn’t mind doing) and I even have whole wheat bread in my pantry at all times now.

I know, its a miracle!

I didn’t have applesauce though. When I saw this recipe I knew I wanted to try it! I am not sure why as I am not a huge fan of applesauce, but something about it jumped out at me. So I gathered all of the supplies for this recipe (that 99% of you should already have in your pantry)and got around to making it.



These are hearty little breakfast muffins that warm up well. Perhaps the cinnamon I used was old and had lost some of its potency, but if I were to make these again I would up the cinnamon to at least a tablespoon. I would also substitute the raisins for dried cranberries in the future just to add a little something.

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  1. Tanya C. says

    We are on a quest to eat healthier here, new cookbooks, less red meat, packaged foods and adding whole wheat into bread recipes. We all love bread too much to totally cut it out. Although the healthy skillet tuna casserole was not a hit the other night! These muffins look yummy!

  2. says

    I don’t have applesauce and I don’t have a pantry! I want a pantry though- a huge walk- in one with a shelf for each different country’s ingredients- all with great packaging. The reality of cleaning it would be a bit of a bore though. Cute muffins!

  3. says

    Just like you, I did not grow up reaching for carrots and other healthy stuff but for bread and nutella lol! But yeah, as a grown up and now baking with kids I have made my horizons wider. These muffins look fantastic. I usually love oatmeal in my treats so I am sure the combination with applesauce must be fantastic!

  4. says

    I love how healthy this muffin is! Partly for the healthy factor, but also because that usually means that the muffin is super dense. I love dense muffins, yum… I love the photo with the muffin cut in half with the butter slathered on it, I could totally go for one of those right now.

  5. says

    I adore your photos, seriously. You made these wholesome muffins look incredible! Sadly, I do have each and every one of those ingredients already. Guess what we’re having for breakfast tomorrow… :) Thank you for sharing this, Kita!

  6. says

    We eat fairly healthy but one thing I like about this – is you have the health without sacrificing the goodness. Took note of using the dried cranberries – they always do enhance, don’t they? This is on my radar. This satisfies.

  7. sweetie says

    lovely hearty muffins. do you think 1/2c raisins is enough for the recipe?

    (fyi, there’s a small typo in the credit to the “brown eyeD baker” : ) )

  8. says

    You deserve an award for these… I just made ’em. It’s going to be a struggle to stop eating… All I changed was the topping. Just mixed up some butter, brown sugar, some oats, and cinnamon and threw it on top before baking. YUM! Thanks!

  9. jamie says

    How do you think shredded carrots and honey would taste in this? I’m thinking of trying to make a bit of a carrot cake flavor and spreading some cream cheese on top


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