Apple Cider and Maple Cream Tart and political jargon

I am going to say something right now few people would openly admit.


I am from Delaware.


No longer a state unknown by many in the good old U S of A, even though it was the first, now the state known across the globe for yet another crazy women running for a political position. I’m young and admittedly idealistic (meaning I’d like to assume anyone who wants to can become anything they want) but when did politics become such a joke. When your ad campaign starts with the like “I am not a witch,” you shouldn’t even be acknowledged for any political position where the undereducated over opinionated decisions you make effect the lives of good hardworking people. When did political races become less about who is more slimy and more like “who ever says the most ridiculous thing” get the media attention.


That being said, go out and rock the vote!


Now, back to the food.



Hate to say it people but I searched high and low for maple extract only to find it sitting on the big box store we love to hate shelves. I am actually rather impressed with the baking isle there as I watch the amount of organic and other more natural options taking up more and more shelf space. Who doesn’t love getting a bargain while cooking better?

What we did different:


This tart was made in the kitchen of a friend. He added a little water to the dough to help it form into a ball. We didn’t have maple sugar so we substituted brown sugar instead. We ate it without a compote or whipped cream (just a little powdered sugar) and it was delicious.



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  1. says

    Anytime I think of Delaware it reminds me of the scene in Wayne’s World. “We’re in Delaware. Yeah.” I’m from RI, but now live in NJ, so I understand state shame:)

    Meanwhile, this tart looks fabulous, and I’ve bookmarked it!

  2. L P says

    Your receipe looks great and I wholeheartedly agree with your politics! At least she didn’t win (and by quite a margin)!

  3. says

    i am also not a witch…but if i were, i would wiggle my nose and make this appear right in front of me! it looks amazing…thank you for sharing with tuesday night supper club!


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