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Warm Summer Potato Herb Salad

Warm Summer Potato Herb Salad  | Kita Roberts PassTheSushi
Why hello Summer. You blasted in with out warning. It’s cool, I wasn’t ready for you yet. Hadn’t swept the back deck or gotten out the lawn chairs. The plants went from frost warning to brown stumps of dried out hat. But it’s ok. Come on down, we’ll make room at the table for you.

Ignore my passive aggressive attitude towards Mrs. Nature again. It’s been like 9 billion degrees all week and I just wasn’t ready for that. I love the summer, and everything that comes along with it. But we were getting a great dose of spring in my neck of the woods and I’m just not sure summer heat and humidity over night set too well with my garden. (Plus, I’m lazy and don’t want to stand out there watering everything).

But yeah! It’s summer! My grill was in use every night last week. I pulled a ‘typical girl’ move and changed out all the scented thingamabobs in the house and threw an extra Caribbean Escape plug in at my car. Tank tops have replaced hoodies and the we are full on flip flops. Thems the rules. Once the open toed shoes come out there’s no turning back til fridged temps again. Plus, there was the seasonal trip to Bath and Body Works (every time I tell myself I’m going in for just one thing….)

Racing, riding, running, and grilling… that’s about how my hot sunny days are getting along all summer long. Got any summer vacations planned? I could go for a little camping trip or two if you have extra space in the back seat. 😉

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Warm Summer Potato Herb Salad  | Kita Roberts PassTheSushi



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