In an attempt to expand the content on Pass the Sushi (and get around to those local reviews I promised myself I would start writing about 2 years ago) I am working on weekend bi-monthly reviews of local restaurants, pit stops, and watering holes that I’m stopping at along my travels. It’s hard for me to eat out because I am notoriously cheap, so when I do I want it to be good. If you live in the TriState area, or most likely, more around the Chesapeake Bay area  you’re going to love the few places I have prepped and ready for the next few posts. It’s hard to not enjoy the drive to Port Deposit, because it seems like we are going far away. We aren’t, but once your car starts creeping down the long hill to the one road town on the water, you can’t help but allow yourself a little escapism. Port Deposit is home to several well kept hidden gems (one being our favorite pizza place) that you wouldn’t find unless you really were on the hunt for something off the grid. No chains sully the street and many of the restaurants offer out door dining with great views of the town or the water and BackFin Blues Bar and Grill is one of them.

 We picked seats on the deck and started with a round of the Georgia Promenade, a mixed cocktail of lemonade, vodka, and cranberry juice a beer, and a seared tuna appetizer called Fire and Ice. The appetizer was great. The tuna wasn’t over dressed and the plating was nice. Over all great flavor.

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I followed my Promenade up with their house Sangria and Handsome and I both ordered specials. Mine was a Red Pepper Pesto Stuffed Salmon with daily vegetables and sweet potatoes. I was a little underwhelmed at the salmon portion. It was a standard market 4 oz portion with a nice pesto on top. However, as I didn’t want to gorge on salmon anyway, the portion was fine. The sweet potatoes weren’t really anything to write home about, but the balsamic glaze and daily vegetable were perfect with the salmon.

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Handsome ordered a New England Style Braised Short Rib over Mozzarella Stuffed Ravioli in a beef stock. As they say, ‘When in Rome….” Ordering a non seafood dish, and such a hearty one on a warm summer day may have been our mistake. The stock was more like a heavy beef stew packed with standard carrots, corn and peas. The beef portion was large, larger than any short rib I’ve ever seen, and shredded easily with a fork. The mozzarella ravioli were good too. Handsome related it to a twist on mom’s beef stroganoff with ravioli instead of the pasta.

BackFin Blues Bar and Grill Review from

The waiter, who was busy waiting several tables, was very friendly did a wonderful job. The meal was $88 for the two of us, before tip. It was a Wednesday evening when we went, so there weren’t a lot of people crowding the place, but it had several tables filled. The chef did come out and make sure our meal was ok and visited several other tables, and that always impresses me. It’s good to see when they care. Over all our socks weren’t knocked off, but there was enough on the menu that peaked my curiosity that I would go back and try new things. It’s hard to find a seafood place that lives up to expectations when you live on the water and have grown up with a great selection readily available, but I think BackFin is exponentially better than any chain offering, and is bringing fine dining to an other wise quiet small town.  If you’re looking for a night out and a drive, I’d save give it a try. Follow BackFin on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check out there website here. BackFin Blues Bar and Grill located at  19 South Main Street Port Deposit, Maryland 21904. BackFin was not aware that I was planning to review their restaurant and this is not a paid or sponsored post in any way. 


  1. Ooo maybe the next time I’m visiting my family in MD/DE I can get them to go there. Although I haven’t been there in years because it’s easier to meet up halfway or back home.

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