I just realized this is the first Valentine’s Day in a very long time that I was excited. We had nothing exciting planned, heck I didn’t even get a gift for my boyfriend. Even better – I couldn’t even find a Valentine’s card I liked – so he got a Birthday card with edits. Lol… Ah, that kinda makes me sound like a jerk. It was a cute card – I promise.

I actually didn’t get excited until my daddy stopped by my store bringing me flowers and a cute stuffed animal. He is so awesome. I have the best dad in the world. As a little girl he would always give me carnations on Valentine’s day and, I guess, somethings never change. I got all teary-eyed at his awesomeness and then the curiousness of whether or not my boyfriend would do anything kicked in.

When I got home he prepared dinner ( even turning the lights to low and lighting some candles – which was downright adorable to watch) and gave me my present – motorcycle gloves. They are super cool. I don’t have the same knowledge as him about motorcycle stuff but they were neat and thick and seem like they are going to save me hands should we crash and burn. At this point I felt like a jerk for assuming that he wasn’t going to get me anything…. >.< But I did make him cookies! A day late due to work – but cookies nonetheless.

These were not really Loft House Sugar Cookies. More like sugar cookies that needed lots more sugar to be like the great Loft House ones my boyfriend and I guiltily enjoy. You can check out the recipe here.  I recommend adding more sugar. They just weren’t sweet enough to be like the loft house cookies. And LOTS AND LOTS of flour. This recipe is sooo sticky. Marble enjoyed the mess and has since crashed from his sugar-high.


  1. I love that you turned the lights down and made the room romantic. Also, I want that entire plate of sugary goodness. 🙂

  2. Oh your site is cute 😀 Thanks for dropping by and for the words of “GO GET ‘EM TIGER!!” Haha.

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