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Quick Dinner Fixins’ Cheeseburger Quesadillas

Remember when you were a kid and summer lasted forever. You could spend all day every day laying in the sun, running around in the grass and the worry of returning to busy school days never even bothered you. Now that I’m an adult and don’t get summers off, it seems to fly by. Food …

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Swiss Mushroom Burgers

Tomorrows the big day. Or rather, the worst day in a foodies eyes… I go in to have my wisdom teeth yanked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery after everyone’s stories last week to help me prepare. I was overwhelmed with everyone’s responses last week when I asked about your personal experiences with oral surgery and to offer …

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Pan Seared Burgers – The “From Away” Burger

Iron skillet pan seared burger patties of perfection? Sold. The From Away Burger. This was a recipe I had to try. I am a meatarian any which way you slice it. I’ll enthusiastically take a slab of beef over the worlds most tantalizing desserts every single time. I’m not sure how my parents programmed me …

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