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Belgian-Style Yeast Waffles

Earlier this summer I pulled/torn/hurt/something my groin. Not fun. I don’t recommend trying it because, although it sounds funny, your groin is this mass of interconnected core muscles that you use for everything. So, finally, after 8 weeks of a slow improvement and no running, I started seeing a chiropractor to maybe help. Sure, a …

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Noshing Local: Home Grown Brunch Newark Delaware

Breakfast is not my thing. Waking up and eating a pile of sugary sweet buttered pancakes or waffles. No thank you. But after a 20 mile bike ride, I can be talked into all sorts of things. Especially when my stomach is growling and I’m about to eat everything that isn’t bolted down in the …

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Chocolate Marble Loaf Cake

Marble Loaf Cake; there’s something about a loaf cake. It’s simple, classic, and reminds me of home. Nothing fancy, just simple flavors in perfect portions. Slices you used to steal for breakfast, and probably still do from time to time. We’re baby sitting Goulda, my 140 pound rotty, again. She has progressed amazingly from the …

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Baked Mini Blueberry Streusel Donuts

These Mini Blueberry Donuts with Streusel topping are perfect for satisfying your donut craving, without leaving a cement weight in your gut. Let’s have a little chat about etiquette. Internet etiquette that is. Last week it was brought to my attention that one of my photos, along with the entire recipe was posted to a …

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