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Strawberry Layer Cake for Valentine’s Day

Strawberry layer cake with whipped strawberry filling between moist layers of vanilla cake and an outside edge of crunchy Pirouette cookies. This is what Valentine’s Day love is made of.

Strawberry Layer Cake Recipe \\ PassTheSushi.comYou asked for Valentine’s Dy posts, well here’s one for ya. Now try and tell me those layers don’t scream love!

When I first saw this strawberry layer cake recipe in Rachael Ray magazine, I printed it out right away (come on, I’m not the only one who instantly forgets what volume of what magazine it was that I saw that recipe in that I had to try). I am not a fan of strawberries or dry cookies, but the vertical layers blew my mind for a minute. The line was drawn and I had to cross it.

Don’t get any expectations people – this isn’t a thirty minute strawberry layer cake.

You will get dirty and you will have fun making it, which sounds to me like the perfect kind of Valentine’s dessert. 😉

Strawberry Layer Cake Recipe \\

What I did/would do differently with the strawberry layer cake recipe:

The 8 strips you get when you cut the layers will make one huge cake once it is all rolled up. I only used 5 (and I even went out and purchased a new bigger cake plate).

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The strawberry filling is just that; a filling. If I were to make this again I would make a strawberry cream cheese frosting to replace this and spread it very thinly over the layers (so that your teeth just don’t fall out when eating this from the sugar overload).

I used fresh strawberries because its what the BF brought home from the store. Just add a tablespoon of water when pureeing.

Strawberry Layer Cake Recipe \\


My local store only had a mint flavored pirouettes. So I used Oreo Fun Straws that I found while trying to figure out if mint would mesh with strawberry. I decided that fake chocolate was better. Remind me not to buy those mint pirouettes next December when they seem like they are a great price.

Don’t let the length of the instructions intimidate you. This strawberry layer cake was easy and fun to make. So get get messy in the kitchen with someone else or just for the hell of it. 😉

Strawberry Layer Cake Recipe \\

What do you think? Will you be trying this strawberry layer cake recipe?

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Sunday 13th of February 2011

lovely cake and it sounds delicious!

Umm Mymoonah

Thursday 10th of February 2011

Wow! This looks divine, just couldn't take my eyes out of it. Absolutely gorgeous looking cake.


Wednesday 9th of February 2011

This looks beautiful! I've been looking for a strawberry cake recipe! Thanks.


Tuesday 8th of February 2011

I ALWAYS loose recipes in magazines ;)

This looks so beautiful!