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S’mores Bars

Post-it is a company built for people like me. They thrive on freaks like me that can’t leave the house without at least one small tablet and a slew of writing implements or tiny little OCD cells start to fire away in the brain. The big honcho’s over there sticking their colorful tablets into perfectly stacked cubes know that cell phones, tablets or even space age technology will never replace my need to jot things down. They own me.

On any given laundry day, you can find three of 4 tiny scraps of paper shoved in my pockets holding the keys to the secrets of the universe, maps to exotic treasures, and the all important grocery list. And yet, with all these notes laying around, I still sit down to write posts and stare at the screen and forget key ingredients every time I stop by the market.

So I got smart. Now I back up my note taking with pictures of my notes! Ha! Foil my plans now… Oh wait, I never bring my phone to the market either. Well, crap.

So, please, tell me I am not alone. That my desk is not the only one with an ever growing array of multicolored sticktastic little memos. That you too need an organized list of daily tasks so that none get ignored or skipped. That the idea of yet another Hello Kitty tablet with magnetic back to stick on the fridge always ends up in the cart when at Target. Please, tell me I’m not alone.

S’mores seem to be everywhere this season in the food blog world. From new bars to ice cream to new spins on the classic graham cracker molten marshmallow chocolaty sandwich. You can spot them popping up all over FoodGawker, Tastespotting, and the like.  Sadly, I was never a huge fan of S’mores. Fire roasted marshmallows, yes. Chocolate, yes. But graham crackers? Not so much. Now that I’m an adult and can crush those graham crackers up and add butter (well, ok, a 5 year old could have done that) S’mores are a whole new world to me.

Selected for you :   Chocolate Banana Bread

These were a little gooey for my taste, and honestly, if I were to make them again, I would omit the first layer of melted marshmallows all together and just use the whole ones.  I kept them in the fridge until about 20 minutes before serving to cut down on the gooeyness factor.

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Wednesday 27th of February 2013

OMG!! Just made these for a party tonight..... of course I had to try 1. So Yummy, even when warm. : ) would def make these again, the kids will love them, so googy and chocolately.

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Tuesday 1st of January 2013

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Wednesday 20th of June 2012

I love anything s'mores and your bars look SO good!

I used to be more into post-its and lists too, but now I use a notepad app...which is basically virtual post-its I just realized! It works great because I can have a shopping list for each store, a to-do list, etc. all in one spot.


Thursday 14th of June 2012

the recipe doesn't mention flour after the ingredients lists it, just sayin'! i'm assuming it's after the butter, sugar and vanilla are mixed in? either way i'm a dumby and totally forgot to add the flour since it's not in the instructions and i just have mushy graham cracker mix now, which is still delicious! but it might help future absent-minded people like myself to add that in there somewhere.

i read that over and realized it sounded mean. it's not supposed to be haha.

Geraldine Saucier

Thursday 14th of June 2012

How delicious:) I love this recipe. I am going to make them for our next cookout. Thanks so much for the great post:)