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Roast Beef Wrap with Dill Slaw

Roast beef sits inside of a soft, whole wheat flour tortilla, with tangy dill slaw as its partner. This is one delicious sandwich!

Roast Beef Wrap with Dill Slaw \\

Ever feel like you really need a lunch break? Chances are, you should probably take one.

Back before I had my dream job, I know we would hit the ground running on our lunch break as a chance to get the stress of the day out of our system and to laugh of the worries of the day. A break in the day to sit and enjoy lunch is one of those simple pleasures that really goes a long way – and I’m not alone. In this article, Chow lists 5 reasons to take a break for lunch. Now that I work in a small shop, I don’t always get to leave for a lunch, so I take every chance I can to enjoy one’s like this.

 Roast Beef Wrap with Dill Slaw \\

One bite of this delicious roast beef wrap and I think you’ll agree.


 Roast Beef Wrap with Dill Slaw \\

Told ya I’d show you what to do with that leftover roast beef. 😉

The winner of last weeks Cascadian Farm & Muir Glen giveaway is Mike W! Congratulations!


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