Its Super Bowl Sunday and I know nothing about football. I know there’s a ball, a big green field and some running. That’s my knowledge of football. Yet, for the Super bowl, with all the hype, its easy and fun to get into it. It’s way more fun with other people.

Superbowl Party Food - Get the Recipes from

We’re having a few friends over and I am making some of the normal football foods – or at least that’s what the food network tells me. All of these ideas came from glancing over a food network recipe and taking it from there with what I had to cook at home.

Potato Skins with BBQ Pulled Pork – slow cooked pork loin, pulled – bbq added and served over crunchy potato skins.

Nachos with a serve yourself toppings bar – my chili and pulled pork along with scallions, onions, and sour cream.

Cheesy sausagy bread goodness – No description needed.

These count as my two new for the week ending before today as I have been planning it all week and the rest of the week was a minor disaster.

snowman with a beerWe also got snowed in this weekend. People were calling it snowpocalypse and snowmaggedon. We were snowed in for one day people… Really?

I mean, yes, there was a lot of snow. It’s drifted taller then the dog in spots – but one day snowed in. It wasn’t that bad. The next time we compare something to the apocalypse we should at least get two or three days inside. –> someone was having fun digging us out.

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