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Best Ever Barbecued Ribs & Charred Corn Salad with Basil and Tomatoes

How do you feel about tipping? What if it was suddenly forced on you?

The two of us went to one of my favorite restaurants the other night, had a decent meal, average service, and enjoyed ourselves. When the bill was brought out, the numbers looked right and we were just about to throw the card into the folder when we noticed that the tip had already been included. An 18% tip. For two people.

Now, normally, I am known to leave a killer tip if the service is good. Even if the food isn’t at it’s best, if I believe everyone is trying, I tip accordingly. I have worked with the public far too long to not respect how hard it can be some days to wait tables and deal with all kinds of people. I try to express my gratitude with a good tip.

But the moment you tell me how much I have to tip, my hackles go up. By including an 18% tip on the bill and not mentioning it at all I felt that not only was it sneaky but it was offensive. It assumed that I was going to stiff the waitress. Assumed that the tip I was going to leave was not going to be enough. Also, it just looked darned shady when the waitress didn’t bother to mention it to us and also still have a line for tip on the credit card receipt. Lastly, is it legal to enforce a tip?

Do I have a right to be offended or is the restaurant right for enforcing a tip on small parties?


Now on to some killer food you can make at home. Go on and leave a tip jar out for yourself, because you are guaranteed a little lovin’ for making these.





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