Celebrate this 4th of July with flavor! This collection of barbecue friendly food ideas is a great way to start any out door holiday celebration before the fireworks kick off.

Grilling ideas: Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Caramel-Brandy Mushroom Sauce \\ Recipe on PassTheSushi.com

I don’t know about you, but I start thinking up grilling ideas while the snow is still on the ground. By the time the first big outdoor holiday hits the calendar, I am almost overwhelmed with recipes I want to try. Bonus though, after the 4th, you still have the whole rest of the summer to grill like fire worshiper. So get your grills ready and be prepared to pull out all the stops with these grilling ideas I’ve put together!

[mv_create key=”735″ type=”list” title=”4th of July Grilling Round Up” thumbnail=”https://passthesushi.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/asian_burger24a.jpg” layout=”hero”]

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Now! Go get your flame on! 😀


  1. Oh my GOODNESS, this roundup looks amazing! I totally need to try the caramelized brandy mushroom steaks. Cheers to a delicious 4th!! 🙂

  2. You have an amazing list of menus! Your family and friends must be requesting menu from your blog! =D Everything looks delicious and I’m pinning this page for reference later on for our bbq!

  3. I desperately want to have dinner with you some time. Everything you make looks amazing.

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