White Chocolate Coconut Cookies & a Lingerie Gift Guide that isn’t Victoria’s Secret


Gentlemen, I am going to have to ask you to scroll down to the recipe, me and the girls have to have a chat. Or maybe you should stick around and check out these hints to spice up that holiday stocking.

Alright ladies, this Diggin’ it Tuesday is for you. If things around you house are anything like mine, every special occasion or holiday, I can guarantee one thing for certain, that little pink bag… And you know what, that gets old. There’s nothing wrong with a little black and lacy for special occasions, but Viccy S isn’t for everyone all of the time. Last year, for example, they were all over neon. Yeah, that is so not my style.

But the other options I knew about seemed well…. a little distasteful. So ladies, I give you some awesome alternatives to the pink bag. Go on, check them out, and then leave some hints and winks around and maybe you’ll get a real surprise this holiday season.

1. Free People

2 Mod Cloth 

3. Net-A-Porter

4. ShopBop

4. Trashy (yes, some of it is – but some of it isn’t promise)


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  1. says

    Love the sexy round up! I’m a little over V.S. since they seem to firmly believe that all women want and need every single bra to be grotesquely padded. I don’t necessarily want to feel like a couch cushion.

  2. says

    Love the cookies. Coconut is like an addiction for me.

    I swear you all have such better stores in the states than we do here. We have like two lingerie stores. And they sort of suck.

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