The (Pink) Whiteout Cake

I’m not saying another year has come and gone, but this cake ain’t for no one.

This tic mark represents the year I officially turn ‘old’ according to my boyfriend, and that I have to start¬†revising¬†previous years for fear of the trade them in, trade them up policy. It’s ok, you should hear what I told him I’m trading him in and up for. ūüėČ

If I have to revisit the same age again and again, I’d be ok with that. This last year was a great one. It was the first time in a long time I felt solid on my feet again. Strong and able to take on new challenges. Happy, the pit of your stomach happy. And¬†healthy. Seriously, mountain biking. You have no idea how crazy a year ago me thinks that is. That confidence that comes with time and¬†experience is there and I like it. Oh, and dresses. I bought a ton of dresses this year – AND I wore them. Movin’ on up, people!

The pets are good, the family is good, there is a roof over my head and the bills are paid. I can’t really see it getting much better then that.

Another great thing about settling into your adult years and being your own person – you can have cake for breakfast. And I just did.



 (Can you find the 7 differences?)




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  1. says

    I wholeheartedly approve of cake for breakfast. It always reminds me of that old Bill Cosby routine where the Coz points out that it’s full of good breakfasty stuff like milk and eggs and grains. See? Practically health food.
    (And if you’re officially old, then I guess that makes me officially almost ancient. Gulp.)

  2. says

    What a great way to celebrate – cake for breakfast! And I love how you put the sprinkles on this. Very neat. And the seven differences in the right photo compared to the left are: Forks in focus, background fabric in focus, cake sprinkles on stand in focus, shine on cake stand in focus, while the cake on the plate with the rock candy is not in focus. Also there’s a little rock candy stick-knob peeking out over the plate with the forks, and the plates peeking out on the right side are showing less than in the left photo. Am I right?

  3. says

    Happy birthday, Kita…and I love the idea of cake for breakfast…especially one with white chocolate icing! I was thrilled to see you’re going to be at Mixed…it will be my first food blogger conference :)


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