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The (Pink) Whiteout Cake

I’m not saying another year has come and gone, but this cake ain’t for no one.

This tic mark represents the year I officially turn ‘old’ according to my boyfriend, and that I have to start revising previous years for fear of the trade them in, trade them up policy. It’s ok, you should hear what I told him I’m trading him in and up for. 😉

If I have to revisit the same age again and again, I’d be ok with that. This last year was a great one. It was the first time in a long time I felt solid on my feet again. Strong and able to take on new challenges. Happy, the pit of your stomach happy. And healthy. Seriously, mountain biking. You have no idea how crazy a year ago me thinks that is. That confidence that comes with time and experience is there and I like it. Oh, and dresses. I bought a ton of dresses this year – AND I wore them. Movin’ on up, people!

The pets are good, the family is good, there is a roof over my head and the bills are paid. I can’t really see it getting much better then that.

Another great thing about settling into your adult years and being your own person – you can have cake for breakfast. And I just did.



 (Can you find the 7 differences?)




Anna Blackburn

Tuesday 5th of January 2016

I made this cake for my birthday as well and it was wonderful! I did have to do some searching to find how much sugar and vanilla to add. I ended up finding the amounts on Sweetapolita's blog and just wanted to let you know the amounts were missing on your recipe. Everyone loved the cake!


Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Thank you for letting me know! I will update the recipe! Glad that everyone loved it :D


Friday 7th of September 2012

Happy Birthday gorgeous gal. I like your birthday cake and want one when I look as good as you do!


Thursday 23rd of August 2012

Happy birthday Kita! I love you pretty cake!


Monday 20th of August 2012

Happy Birthday! What a pretty way to celebrate.

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

Saturday 18th of August 2012

This cake is so pretty!!