Thai Turkey Burgers with Broccoli Slaw

The other day I stumbled across this post from Chow about Backseat Grillers. It talks about those people that can’t help but be a little to involved with your grill at a barbecue. Those people that jump in and flip burgers, change temps and try to run the show for you. They are just trying to be helpful, but we all know how much this can grate on your nerves.

It also talks about how hard it can be as a female at the grill to avoid these people. I talked last week about how in our household, I am the grill master, but I have been in more than one situation where because I am female, I have been informed of how to properly cook a steak, smoke ribs and generally informed of the proper way to run my grill. It seems to me, that people passionate about grilling are as openly opinionated about the art as people who are avid sports fans. There way is right and that is that – and boy are they ok with telling you this… over and over again…

I enjoyed the tips that the Chow article gave about sending these backseat grillers in the kitchen to find things and otherwise distracting them from the ‘help’ but how do you deal when you have an overly helpful guest?


In the mean time, my company is looking for a cork screw. Little does he know we have boxed wine…

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    Heh. Clever girl. You’re much nicer than me. I just flat out tell those meddlers to
    ‘mind their business.’ Kick ass turkey burgers. That slaw looks devine! Buzzed :)

  2. says

    Kita – in my house I AM THE FLAME MASTER!! My husband has learned that taking the tongs away from me is asking for a very long, uncomfortable night! The slaw burgers look amazing!

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    This looks delicious. It has my imagination firing. I am a bit of a back seat griller but only in that I change every recipe I ever read even when they are really good. I use gret recipes as a jumping off point.

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    Mmm…looks good! I actually made turkey burgers last night and can’t wait to have them for dinner again tonight. :-p It was my first time actually eating them and was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Didn’t miss the beef at all. :-p I’m digging your version with the broccoli slaw and the hot spices in the burger itself. Yum!


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