Texas Shredded Barbecued Beef

If you were anywhere near my neck of the woods (literally) on Saturday evening you would have heard a very disgruntled female on a mountain bike shouting at the trees in frustration, “Why can’t I make left turns?” That’s right, almost a year of pedaling my ass off every night and those tight turns still get me. I had cracked my knee pretty good and missed two turns twice on our ‘casual ride’ to stretch our legs before race day. Our race day.

On a hot and muggy Sunday, I decided to ride my first race our at the Fair Hill Classic hosted by the Delaware Trail Spinners. I rode in the novice race, a 7.5 mile ride. Not many females (only 6 or 7) were riding in my group, however the men’s and junior’s groups were pretty thick. The thin pack of ladies agreed to not be too aggressive in the field.   We took off and kept a good pace. At one point I was even passing people. Me, passing people! No freakin’ way.

Overall Handsome and I both placed third in our groups, results I’m very happy with! 😀 The icing on the cake – I made all my turns and I didn’t fall. Hells yeah! Now, on to the next adventure. (**Update: Results we updated this morning and I took 4th. Boo Hiss. But it’s ok, I still did it – and did better then a lot of men in my same category. I’ll take it.)


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    Congrats on your 3rd place finish in the race. That’s awesome, especially since you had a hurt knee going into it! Another friend of mine posted this video and I thought you might like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua15Yn_m2p4

    Anyhow, the beef looks delicious. I’ve seen America’s Test Kitchen move food from the grill to the oven and have always thought that weird. Do they give a good explanation in that page before the recipe?

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    Congrats on a great race. You did awesome.

    Love this meal, I could just picture myself eating it and getting bbq sauce all over my face. And not care.


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