Tart Cranberry-Cherry Pie

If one things scares me in the kitchen, it’s dough. We only had pie once a year in my house, one pumpkin and one apple.. All homemade by my father that we would dish out on Thanksgiving day to anyone who would eat them, because we didn’t. That is my whole pie experience  All 26 years of it. When I think pie, I think fruit filled, gooey, warm filled crispy golden crust creations. Key word in there being fruit. Fruit is something I am still not down with. Now cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies… Yeah, I think I have those covered. But pie? Even if you look back through here with a fine tooth comb, you’re not going to find any fruit pies. Pumpkin doesn’t count. And I always had the idea that pie dough was crazy labor intensive and hard to get right. But – I am here to prove that all wrong!

This holiday season, I have vowed to get over my fear of dough and conquer that flaky golden crust and test my hand at some classic pie recipes. I asked around for tips and got some wonderful ideas on Facebook. I will be experimenting and sharing the results. So far I have tabbed about 15 cookbooks and magazines and am trying to narrow down the results. For the month of November I will be posting one traditional pie recipe a week. Stay tuned because I have a fun giveaway planned for pie month too!




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    You of all people afraid of dough?! I call bullshit.

    Your pie looks amazing!! It is really nothing to be afraid of. Although I have been around pie making my entire life with my baker of a mother. She used to have me help with the dough making all the time. I have the savory and sweet pie crust down to a science now. If you ever want to try her recipe let me know, I would gladly share it!

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    I used to be a bit dough-phobic as well, and then I started making the Cooks Illustrated Foolproof pie dough and that sort of changed my life. I’m completely obsessed with CI so it was bound to happen. Oh, and I so need to pin this pie. Gorgeous.

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    I’m totally terrified of dough too but it seems like you conquered your fears quite well! This pie is absolutely stunning! You’re totally inspiring me to get over my dough fear since I do want to make an awesome pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!

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    It’s always good to tackle those kitchen fears. Pie dough is something that just takes a bit of practice. Keeping the butter very cold is the most important thing, I’ve found. This pie is gorgeous so I’m excited to see what else you make.

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    Yippee, you did it! That turned out beautifully. If you do not think you can handle fruit pies, there is always chocolate and butterscotch and peanu butter and…

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    You totally conquered your fear of dough! I’m very afraid of dough, yeast, well mostly baking in general and have been trying to work on them. Your lattice is so pretty! When it’s a round pie, I love seeing classic lattice on pies! This looks delicious and gorgeous Kita!


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