Red Velvet Cupcakes


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you have special plans or are just making it an awesome day for yourself! Things are still winding down from my travels and a few other things I have going on, so no fancy dinner for us tonight (probably just left overs – that’s right, we know how to keep it classy). I did want to share a classic Valentine’s Day dessert and also, I realized I hadn’t shown you any of the pictures from my sisters wedding. There aren’t any of the ceremony only because I thought it would be in poor taste […]

Short Ribs and Red Wine Sauce


 We have had a rash of abnormally warm weather this winter which is making things hard between my slow cooker and me. I would normally love this time of year, all of the slow cooker recipes, hearty and thick meals. Gotta put on my winter weight and all, right? But unseasonably warm days have me walking around with no need for those heavy winter coats craving the smoke and fire of the grill. I want burgers, steak, corn on the cob and other summer time foods. It takes recipes like this one, this low and slow short rib sauce to […]

Sticky Toffee Pudding


There’s something you don’t realize until you are well into your adult years – you look around and see that the friends you know all have children, are moving far away or just evolving in a direction that is not as connected to you any more. Sure you can catch up from time to time, hang out on occasion and meet up for meals, but its not like when you were younger where you played with the same group of friends every day. It’s also harder to meet people, between work and life where do you meet new friends if […]

Strawberry Spiral Cake for Valentine’s Day


You asked for Valentine’s Dy posts, well here’s one for ya. Now try and tell me those layers don’t scream love? When I first saw this recipe in Rachael Ray magazine I printed it out right away (come on, I’m not the only one who instantly forgets what volume of what magazine I saw that recipe I had to try). I am not a fan of strawberries or dry cookies but the vertical layers blew my mind for a minute. The line was draw and I had to cross it. Don’t get any expectations people, this isn’t a thirty minute […]

great flour explosion of 2010.The


I just realized this is the first Valentine’s Day in a very long time that I was excited. We had nothing exciting planned, heck I didn’t even get a gift for my boyfriend. Even better – I couldn’t even find a Valentine’s card I liked – so he got a Birthday card with edits. Lol… Ah, that kinda makes me sound like a jerk. It was a cute card – I promise. I actually didn’t get excited until my daddy stopped by my store bringing me flowers and a cute stuffed animal. He is so awesome. I have the best […]