Chewy Chocolate Goji Berry Granola Bars

Chocolate Goji Granola

Granola is simple. Stupid simple. And yet time after time, I find myself throwing various boxes into the shopping cart or pre-made bars packed with who knows what. I dig granola on the go. When we are out mountain biking it’s a quick fuel option. And because I’m generally pretty lazy, I figure it makes a half decent breakfast. I can’t help but wonder, since – as I mentioned – it is so darned simple, why I don’t make it more often. That is until I make it. Sure, granola is packed with healthy nuts and stuff, but once you […]

Banana Chocolate Granola


Have you seen this little video yet? I’m Making Cook’s Illustrated Beef Stew! I saw it on facebook the other day and it left me in stitches. I am a huge fan of the Cook’s Illustrated publications, owning more of their supplemental magazines, recipe collections and every off shoot of the brand that I can find. I enjoy reading the tips, tricks, and methods leading in to why they prepare things the way they do, but say I will never cook my way through all of them would be an understatement (as you can see joked about in the video linked above). The quality […]

Dark Chocolate Almond Granola Breakfast Cookies and a Giveaway


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Small Planet Foods asking if I would like to sample some of the products from two of their companies. The first,  Cascadian Farm, specializes in healthy and organic breakfast items, while the second, Muir Glen, had some tasty tomato products. Would a girl like to sample? Um… Lucky for me, I have just recently tried to get into the habit of eating breakfast. It’s not something I have enjoyed doing since the toys in my Captain Crunch started to really suck or vanish altogether. From high school on, I don’t ever recall stopping for breakfast. First, […]

Clean Out the Pantry Granola, a bake sale and the Graeter’s ice cream winner!


This Friday, May 13, Steph’s Bite by Bite is hosting a bake sale on Friday May 13th to raise money Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I can’t wait to participate in an online bake sale! I’ve never done anything like this before but it is the second time Steph has hosted a bake sale on her site. I’m donating Cranberry White-Chocolate Chip Cookies (one of my favorites). Tons of awesome bakers are involved, so get pumped! Steph’s last bake sale earned $1,707 – let’s see if we can up the ante for round two! Now on to breakfast week, day two! […]

Nutella & Peanut Butter Granola Bars 3.0


Am I the only one who has a sticky note collection of recipes I have got to try piling up on my desktop, a mile long favorites folder and a binder just for the recipes I’ve torn from the glossy pages of magazines? Probably not – but I have been promising Briarrose from Flour Dusted that I would try this granola for over a month! Way not cool. Excuses? It was December, there was a ton to do, I’ve been sick, it snowed? Do any of these redeem my laziness? I guess in the long run it doesn’t matter because […]

Stepping out of your shell with Cranberry-Almond Granola


Do you ever get in a fashion funk? I do. Every. Single. Day. I see cute outfits left and right and think ‘oh, I could pull that off’ but then I never break out of my shell. Jeans and a t-shirt. Every. Single. Day. I <3 my jeans and t-shirts. I feel most natural in them – most like me. But jeans and t-shirts don’t scream cute. I am 99.9% sure my BF wouldn’t care if I wore a potato sack but wanting to look good shouldn’t be about him anyway. I should make an effort just because I want […]