Warm Summer Potato Herb Salad

Warm Summer Potato Herb Salad from PasstheSushi.com

Why hello Summer. You blasted in with out warning. It’s cool, I wasn’t ready for you yet. Hadn’t swept the back deck or gotten out the lawn chairs. The plants went from frost warning to brown stumps of dried out hat. But it’s ok. Come on down, we’ll make room at the table for you. Ignore my passive aggressive attitude towards Mrs. Nature again. It’s been like 9 billion degrees all week and I just wasn’t ready for that. I love the summer, and everything that comes along with it. But we were getting a great dose of spring in […]

Rosemary Brie Chicken Burgers


This weekend was that perfect kind of weather that inspired you to get up and go outside, fitting for Earth Day weekend. Did you get your green thumb on, go outside and roll around in the sun (you know, until all that rain on Sunday)? I took Saturday off and enjoyed a little staycation to get the garden prepped and ready for vegetables. Lowes was running a decent sale on starter plants and where we really love shopping at a local garden for all of our supplies, we figured a few to start couldn’t hurt. And lucky me, the load […]

Spinach and Artichoke Dip – Olive Garden Copy Cat Recipe


I warned you and it happened the evil Olive Garden across the street is almost open for business. I am not to be trusted. The idea of unlimited bread sticks bowls of hearty soup and a premixed martini certainly all sound like a good thing, but in reality we know the guilt that comes with Olive Garden is not exactly the best thing for anyone. Pasta dishes are not hard to make at home and heavy cream is something we should never have in copious amounts, not to mention the idea of waiting 45 minutes less than 20 feet from my front […]

Home Made: Summer Minestrone and Book Review

Summer Minestrone

You know what we haven’t done in a while?  An in-depth book review! So when Abrams Publishing asked me if I would like to sample Home Made by Yvette Van Boven last week I hopped all over the chance. For the sake of my blog’s integrity and my own conscience I don’t always jump at the freebies. If I don’t think I can use something, I turn it down. Even if that means we don’t get the fancy coffee maker just to make an occasional single cup of hot chocolate with (no matter how much this may have upset Handsome). As someone who doesn’t drink […]

It can snow in June!


And Gina’s Cheddar and Herb Biscuits. This week we decided to have some friends over Friday night for dinner. Why I decided to have friends over this week is still a little beyond me as I have a mental breakdown over the condition of the house. The house is always in a perpetual state of work but this week was drywall sanding week. That’s right folks, it can snow in June. Or it can at least look like snow in June. My hair feels even like drywall. It’s everywhere.

Oh I get it now. Gardening is not at all like buying a bikini.


With my first actual flower popping up out of my garden I feel like I have accomplished something. Sure, all I have done so far was plant some pre-established plants from the BFs moms garden and some sunflower seeds. But hey, I’ll take it. I have spent time looking at other plants I would like to put in the garden. I have made sure to pull some nasty very very thorny weeds from the garden and keep it tidy. I water it… you know…. once a week…. >.> It’s a start. What I didn’t know from the start is that […]

What do you mean you don’t put the green end down?


This weekend hit the spot. It was perfect and I was able to start actually putting things into the ground. My BF put mulch and weed barrier down for me and his mom brought over some already established (… less likely for my un-garden-educated self to kill) plants over. So Sunday morning, which no real knowledge of what I was doing, I started digging holes and putting green leafy things into the dirt. I so felt like I was slaughtering some worms. Poor lil dudes. Every time I dug one up, I tried to put him back into the ground […]