Sweet and Sour Pork

I’m all about the quick and easy meal from time to time. The king of quick and easy has got to be the stir fry. We love mixing it up and trying new ones and as part of my new years resolutions was to try to utilize more of my cookbook and magazines I knew the moment I saw this one we had to try it! I ripped it out (as per my knew organization process) and added it to the pile.


I’ve never had a sweet and sour anything, but after trying this dish, I’m not sold. I didn’t love love this one from Food Network magazine, but with amount of recipes in each issue, there’s bound to be a few we don’t love. It was a meal, and I packed a ton of veggies in without much prep-work or time wasted, but I wont be making this one again. Win some, lose some



  1. Kita, this looks divine!

  2. Wow the colors are beautiful! This looks amazing!!

  3. This looks fantastic. I like the addition of the red cabbage here, adds more flavor and makes the dish so eye catching. Well done.

  4. Looks great – I am not a fan of sweet and sour either. Maybe if that is your thing this would be wonderful!

  5. RavieNomNoms says:

    Wow! Look at those colors! It is just so pretty….I bet it is even more delicious than it looks in your pictures (which are outstanding as usual!).

  6. This dinner looks so good, I love that it’s a quick dinner. I’m totally needing quick dinners these days, bookmarked!

  7. Oh my dear, this is an amazing dish! I love the color contrast,very very pretty and delicious looking!!! Fantastic photos!!

  8. This is just a beautiful dish. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  9. Aww, sorry you didn’t like it but don’t give up on sweet and sour. Here is a good one for sweet and sour meatballs. You could use the sauce on pork tenderloin, chicken etc


  10. I love sweet & sour pork! And I love that your recipe is so quick to fix, too! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Looks delicious! Brilliant minds thinking alike…we both made Sweet & Sour Pork today!

    • :D Love when that happens. Always makes me feel like I’m not the only one on the boat. Yours looks beautiful.

  12. shame you didn’t like it – the colours are really pretty and inviting

  13. This looks so beautiful, Kita! It sounds so fresh and delicious :)

  14. Aww … I’m sorry you didn’t like this. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be the Chinese styled sweet sour pork dish. If so, it sure doesn’t look like it, but … it’s really colorful and beautiful and I’m sure it didn’t taste too bad.

    • Im with you Ping, I didn’t really feel that this was a ‘traditional’ recipe at all. Any time something has ketchup in the ingredients I am a little weary. >.> Ill give sweet and sour another shot, I promise!

  15. Looks good but I’m not sure it is sweet and sour. I agree with you. Still beautful! :)

  16. THIS LOOKS SO GREAT!!!!! I would prefer to make my own asian food then go out and buy it. This is great!!

    We just started following you! We saw you on food gawker!!



  17. I actually like this. I was expecting the thickly battered fried pork with the gloopy sauce. This actually looks so much better and healthier. I like the colourful vegetable mix. I might cook this actually.

  18. Beautiful work, this looks incredible! Congrats on the top 9!!

  19. The red cabbage really makes this pop. I am sure it tastes as good as it looks

  20. Congratulations on making the Top 9! This was So beautiful and well deserved!

  21. Just a quick note about cooking the pork…the recipe is correct…in the initial fry, you’re only just browning the pork…it then sits on the side and the cooking process is completed when you add it back into the wok by simmering in the sauce…

    also, yes, this is nothing like the “traditional” sweet & sour sauce you normally see in take-out restaurants (what I like to refer to as tourist-style chinese food) which is a nasty concoction that is mainly an excessive amount of breading with an unnaturally neon red sauce…ugh…

    one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is using low-sodium soy sauce yet adding salt…uhhhh, what?

    btw, feel free to ask if ya have any chinese food questions…just don’t ask me to make chop suey…heheh

  22. I was just admiring this photo on Foodgawker! The veggies looks so fresh and crisp. Can’t wait to try it!

  23. Very pretty dish, love the colors!

  24. Mmmmmm, sounds delicious! So much better than take out!

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