Super Bowl Food: Pizza Nachos

Next weekend is the Super Bowl, where even people like myself who know little about sports, and less about football, gather around the television and are suddenly avid fans. Every year I pick a team, usually based on colors, ‘outfits’, hairstyles (I like the dudes with big bushy long hair that poofs out of the helmet), or something else as equally meaningless, and I root for them, until I get distracted and forget football is even on. Usually socializing or jamming more food in my pie hole, because the other great part to the Super Bowl, besides the commercials, is the food.

Super Bowl food is glorious, melty, gooey, so bad for you you have to eat lettuce with chopsticks for the next month and half. And yet, every year, I over indulge. From dips to wings, bites to bars and cheese, standing in its own power category ruling as the supreme binder of football food overlord. Lot’s and lots of cheese.

Our entire menu this week for PtS is based on football foods, tailgating, and partying hard with my inner fat kid. So let’s kick things off right with these super quick and all ages approved pizza nachos.




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