Slow Cooker Garlic Braised Brisket



Maybe it’s because it’s January, maybe it’s just something in the air but I am living that ‘power of doing’ slogan you hear all over the Home Depot commercials. From wanting a large chunk of back fence to trap the neighbors rotating crew of dogs from entering my yard and to help separate me from the entire eye rolling ghetto fabulous conversations that take place in the yard to our left when the weather gets a little warmer, to rearranging the living room, and hanging one of those curved shower curtains. I’m digging all that’s getting done recently in the house. Now, can we maintain this sort of momentum through February and the rest of the year.

Problem is, I’m finding it rough to find things that are worth the price, but also look like they could be owned by ‘young’ adults. Formal curtains, drab shower curtains, and picture frames that are down right snooze worthy. This girls going to need a trip to TJ Maxx soon.

Yeah, here’s to the power of doing! Now if only we can get that laundry basket in order….





  1. I might have to get this one cooking in my cooker!

  2. “eye rolling ghetto fabulous conversations.” Yuck. I’d get a fence too. Maybe one with soundproofing.

    I absolutely love that BHG magazine. I haven’t made one thing in it that hasn’t been fantastic yet. Was the brisket as good as it looks? Those onions on the bottom look amazing.

    • I’ve had better brisket – personally, I like mine on the BBQ side – but this was good. I do really enjoy their Special Interest Publications and have found tons that I want to cook from them. Have you seen their healthy slow cooker one yet? All different recipes (from what I saw when I paged through) and all amazing looking!

  3. TJMaxx and Home Goods are awesome for fun stuff! This brisket looks insanely good, and the sandwich with caramelized onions, want now!

  4. I just love slow cooker stuff. It is so easy and it always comes out SO very tasty! I love Home Goods!! There is one near my house and it is baaaad news! haha

  5. Are you serious with this? Are you trying to fatten me up like a fat princess or something? NEED THIS.

  6. I can’t wait to try this. Perfect flavors!

  7. Just so you know, when I finally invest in a slow cooker I am going to make every single one of your slow-cooker creations. Every. Single. One.

  8. What a sandwich!

  9. I love Tj Maxx and Marshalls, and Home Goods. All great places.

  10. Here’s to the power of shopping TJ Maxxx! Can I come with??? I’ll start some brisket and then we can go! I’ll even help you put up that fence. I have this urge to upgrade our current theme for our house which is called I-rent-the-place. So far it’s off to a really good start.

  11. You didn’t say what to do with the 30 cloves of garlic? Put them in the slow cooker whole?

  12. Nothing could be more perfect for January than this comforting slow cooker meal.


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