Simple Strawberry Margaritas for One

Strawberry Margaritas for One from
This recipe was made for you and those fancy single serve blenders and those late night too long work days packed with more than enough stress. Or maybe a quick drink to serve with individual flair at a small get together… Or just add more of everything, make it by the pitcher and shove some straws in there. Maybe just one straw. (Can you tell what kind of day I’m having… ignoring that this posts at 8 or so in the morning).  As for those individual blenders  I love mine, and use it for everything. I make myself a spinach smoothie almost every morning. Milk shakes are a breeze. And those peppers that I needed to puree for last weeks salpicon beef? Didn’t even get my nails dirty.

Knowing you can make this icy cold cocktail for yourself on the quick should be more than enough motivation for one of your own. But if you don’t have one, no worries, just bigger dishes to do 😉

PS – What’s that awesomeness in the background? Why carnitas of course! Check out the recipe on my new site GirlCarnivore!
Strawberry Margaritas for One from

Strawberry Margaritas for One from

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    I am not much of a drinker anymore so one is perfect, I love this! And if you want to bring over some carnitas for me to enjoy on the side I won’t complain one bit… :)

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    Yessss I use my bullet blender for spinach smoothies all the time, but I love going to the other side of the spectrum and using it for booze haha. Loving this single serving margarita. Could be dangerous.


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