Salmon Cakes with Slow Cooker Parmesan Risotto


Bet you’re thinking, “She’s a food blogger, course she’s planning some stellar sort of knock your socks off and right into bed Valentine’s Day meal.” Well… Let me disappoint you. I’ve got nothing. No fancy chocolaty molten dessert, no candlelit dinner, no Etta James to set the mood. I don’t even know what I’m making yet and there is nothing thawing in my freezer. To be perfectly honest, I’m thinking of a great little pizza place that may just fit the bill. Beer, pizza, and later that night some Archer to really set the mood.

Hopefully, you are all far more prepared then myself and have Valentine’s day covered. If not, these little salmon patties make just enough for two – and the parmesan risotto I paired with them, makes enough to feed a small army. It’s a classy sort of meal served over a bed of fresh greens that makes me feel like I can class up my kitchen from time to time. And, if you light some fancy candles and do the dishes, you can too.



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    I don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day either. Hubby’s just getting over the flu so a bowl of chicken noodle soup may be as romantic as I get. Well, that and a kiss on the check (not gonna kiss puke-breath lips). There’s some married bliss for you, huh.

    I’m embracing your slow cooker love fully and think the risotto looks amazing. Creamy, rich and fantastically delicious.

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    ooo that Parmesan Risotto has me wanting to run to the store right now to get everything I need for this dish! Ps. Beer and Pizza isn’t so bad… haha… we spent the first night of our honeymoon snowed in at a pizza place in the mountains, eating pizza, drinking beer and watching the Super Bowl LOL

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