Rustic Bean Soup with Pesto

Did anyone else see that whirlwind of craziness that just passed through this weekend? I’m pretty sure I have a weeks worth of scrubbing to do before I can even think about bringing out the holiday boxes. Part of me really wishes I could skip the cleaning part and just throw glitter all over everything. To top it off, I decided that traveling to Mixed this next weekend would be just the pre-holiday why-am-I-not-planning-or-checking-lists-twice kind of stress inducer relief I needed. No really, I’m excited to go. The drive through Virginia alone will me me super happy.

I hope you all had a much more relaxed Thanksgiving weekend and shopped, baked, or snuggled with loved ones. As for me, I’m going to take back my “do nothing Monday” and try to catch up on a little blog loving today. Might even make some cookies.

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  1. says

    Don’t forget some crusty bread chunks or croutons to serve with it!
    Also would use haricot beans rather than cannellini because they are smaller.
    Then I would let the soup stand for an hour or two because I find that anything that has a tomato base develops a better flavour if I do.
    Bet it still tasted great though and very similar to soups I have done.


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