Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Soup

It’s a sad day for me. My favorite pair of shoes has once again bitten the dust, and even though I see reincarnation every week (can’t keep a superhero down), I have been told that this time it’s the end of the line. These boots have far succeeded expectations, discovered lost and abandoned on a Target clearance rack, they were a size to big and with a price to low to pass up. For 6 bucks I scooped up the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned. The soles have fallen off three or four times, being glued back with everything from rubber cement to a two part jewelers epoxy. The man maid leather-like material has worn itself to a crackled crunchy material from days of hard wear and abuse. And yet, when the sole feel off for the last time the other night, I was still not ready to let go.

I begged and pleaded for Handsome to find some magic solution in his shop to save these comfortable boots, and he just shook his head at me. I pouted and protested to no avail. They are done. I am not sure how I will ever find boots that slouched as perfectly as they did, that slid on and off with such familiar ease, that could make me look so country-western without being called a cowboy. They were perfect under jeans, or to make a summer dress the perfect mesh of cute and casual.

My perfect boots. I will miss you.


Now I guess, I have to go shoe shopping. 😉

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    Oh, how sad. I know what you mean. When I love a pair of shoes, it gets real loved until the soles start falling off, and even then. I have one pair I tried to wear even though the sole had literally broken in half! This soup is good way to soothe the pain.

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    I’m so sorry for you loss! I lost my favorite pair of high heels just a few months ago and still find myself in a deep shoe depression. I just can’t believe that they’re gone. Oh how I miss them. :( I think I should drowned my sorrows in this soup and a glass of wine…that’s why you posted it, right?

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    I feel for you, I’m in the same situation! My puppy destroyed my boots, so sad! But this soup looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Would definitely cheer me up!

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    I am so sorry I truly hate it when that happens. The feeling of never finding another pair quite like that.

    I will say your soup sounds incredible. There was a day when roasted cauliflower would have made me wrinkle my nose but after trying it, I know this soup would make me so happy! Thank you for sharing this.


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