Quick Dinner Fixins: Sloppy Jose Gorditas

There is something magic about those pop and bake refrigerated cans of dough. Pure freakin magic. They come out perfect every time, unless you are one of those people who always burns them (I’ve known a few). They are tall, flaky, and buttery – even before you slather them with more butter or jam.

I am not above throwing a can or two in the cart when things are on sale, and, I must confess, I do subscribe to the Pillsbury weekly email. Yes, I am all sorts of classy. Really, they have some appealing quick recipes on there and I think they have come a long way from mom’s burned dinner biscuits to a variety of nifty products and recipes to have on hand. (Um, does pie crust get any easier?). The recipes appeal to me for when I am looking to make something that I know will please a lot of taste buds. Often times, my dinner choices receive a look of agony and a shriveled nose, so when I see a large collection of boyfriend pleasing quick and easy meals, the part of me that’s not still pissy about him picking out every one of the black beans from last nights dinner get’s excited.

These are one of those perfect crowd pleasing meals for picky eaters. To top it off, it’s just a fun weeknight fix.



  1. Those poppy cans remind me of Home Ec – the POP was kinda magical. This is overflowing with greatness.

  2. I love having Pillsbury stuff on hand but I never remember to walk by that part of the refrigerated section so I don’t think of it. My mom used to dunk the biscuits in melted butter, then cinnamon sugar and bake them up as our dinner rolls. I think we ate more of those than we did dinner.

    Sloppy Jose. I love it.

  3. Hey man, every part I’ve ever hosted has been packed with Pillsbury quick and easy recipe goodness :) It IS classy…or at least, really clever.

    Loving these gorditas. Total man food. Totally delicious!

  4. Oooh – I love the quick version of these! Sounds delish!!

  5. Loving this idea!

  6. I like the sloppy joe idea. Unfortunately, I’d get the shriveled nose routine if I used a store bought biscuit. Mine knows I can work with dough so now he expects it. Sigh… :)

  7. Ahhh so fun! I love the Pillsbury emails but this one must’ve slipped through without me noticing! My kids would love it!

  8. oh my gosh that seriously looks divine!

  9. And I thought my husband was the only one to pick stuff out of his dish. Glad to hear he’s not the only one. All of my hard work, and he goes pickin’ food out. It rubs me the wrong way, too.

    This dish looks amazing, and it’s something my husband would love. It’s goin’ on the menu!

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