Quick Dinner Fixins: Chicken a la King


While trying to get my jingle on this year, I’m finding that good old fashioned cable is working against me. I don’t have any of that fanciness that tells you what’s on other channels or records your shoes, and since they did away with the TV Guide channel, I pretty much have to whip out the laptop if I want to know what’s on TV. (I should mention that I also don’t know the channel numbers anyway).

For the first few nights, TV Guide was just screwing with me. When I see Rudolph, I expect an old Rank and Bass stop motion production, not some new computer animated craziness with a piper. It’s Humble Bumble or Bust. Same goes for Grinch. Nothing against Jim Carey, but it’s just not the same.

So, when I saw Year Without A Santa Clause, I was pumped. Surely, there could be only one of those – and it was what I wanted. So while stringing the tree with lights last night, I was happily singing along to the Heat Miser song when Comcast experienced an interruption in service… for like the next hour. Which is fine because then we had to wonder aimlessly into the night for more lights any way. Things just aren’t going my way this year.

Hint hint, wink wink Santa. Some classics on DVD would rock. Until you came home in June to see me watching Miracle on 34th Street. Then you would hate me. (Someone does not share in my Christmas cheer… Not saying who…).
In hopes that your holiday viewing traditions are going better than mine, what are your favorites?




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  1. says

    An old boyfriend and I actually wrote a song about Chicken a la King. Well, actually, it was about Chicken & Dumplings, but we messed them up by boiling them instead of simmering–this was back before my Days of Kitchen Awesomeness–so instead of homemade chicken and dumplings, we ended up eating canned chicken a la king. No kidding: canned.

    Your version looks way better. I am all about putting heavy cream in a meal!

    Favorite Christmas Classics: Rudolph (the real one by Rankin & Bass), Frosty the Snowman (I cry every time he melts because I am a Wuss), It’s a Wonderful Life (NOT colorized), Christmas in Connecticut, A Christmas Carol (the 1951-ish version w/Alistair Sim).

    Enjoy your Christmas Cheer. :)

  2. ComcastMark says

    Wow that looks really good! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I should try making thing. Also, I apologize for the service interruption with Comcast. I work for Comcast. If you need more help, please feel free to contact me.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  3. says

    WOW I am going to melt. This tastes awesome. I was forwarded this email by a friend who told me to try it.
    I normally don’t write in but I had to this was great. Thank you.

    • Kita says

      I would be willing to try it. The thing about chicken a la king is – it’s rich, heavy, and probably not one ounce of good for you. Push comes to shove, you may just need to simmer for a few minutes longer to allow for some thickening.

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