Quick Dinner Fixins: Barbecue Stuffed Chicken Salad

I know Im not alone, I have a frisky little cell phone.
I can’t spell. I love spell check and run it at least three times per post and guartentee there is still at least one misspelling in every one of my posts that I find later. So when I got my smart phone I was rather excited for this predictive text technology.Boy was I wrong. Predictive text is more of a program designed to make you appear retarded to friends and colleuges.
My phone for example is a sick one. I didn’t program it that way, it came that way. It has randomly changed words to ‘orgy’ and ‘asphixiate’ without my typing anything remotely close (and that would have been a rather awkward text to my boss, in case you were wondering). The words I know I don’t know how to spell, it seems to make up and simple expressions become words I rarely think to use, simple expressions become … well, just weird. I started keeping “Innkeeper” for when I need to pause, “Um.”
To top it off, I Luke things. Not like them. I would love to see the texts that occured between Luke and the previous owner of this phone (though it was sold to me knew) because they were awefully kinky based on my phones predictive capabilities. Little does Luke know, Klein was right behind him on that list. That or my phones just a freak.
Yeah, that post had nothing to do with food.


It’s a fiesta!

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  1. Tanya says

    My smart phone and I have a love/hate relationship, I think it’s goal is to make me look like a moron. When I send email/text many respond with a WTF? They end up not making any sense when the phone decides t alter my inteneded message! The dish looks awesome, love black beans in dishes.

  2. says

    OMG! I turned that feature OFF my phone! I’m happy to double check my spelling…but the words it tries to make – oh my! GREAT recipe!


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