Peanut Butter Truffle Tart

Please tell me there are some readers out there who are just as excited for the 2012 Summer Olympics as I am? Normally, I am not one to watch sports on TV. Something about the TV just makes it impossible for me to get into it. If I’m there, in person, then I can get into some sports. But something about the Olympics brings out the fanatical sports fan in me. It’s not that I know enough to root for a person or team but to see the struggle and effort from every athlete I find absolutely inspiring. I got all wrapped up in Phelps’ gold medal collection the last time around and will admit, I do root for USA, as it seems almost unpatriotic not to.

Something about the Olympics just elevates every level of competition and it’s hard to not want to cheer for the men and women out there working so hard. I can remember growing up watching the Olympics every time they came on and dreaming of being an amazing athlete some day. That may have not happened, but I cook like a champ and still root for each and every one of them!

Now that you are all pumped for the Olympics, and on a sugar high from the tart, I have a bit of other awesome news. I recently started writing for a site called Pro Food Blogger. The goal of Pro Food Blogger is to help new bloggers and veteran bloggers elevate their skills and take their hobby to the next level. My first post included tips on having your photos accepted on food p*rn sites and my next one will be about Pinterest. Articles will include everything from useful applications for your website, technical help, photography, equipment and much more. If it sounds like it would be up your ally, check it out.



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  1. says

    I do enjoy the Olympics but I’ve never been truly sucked into them. I also tend to like the winter Olympics. But I’ll watch just about anything to get my hands on this tart

  2. says

    I get excited too!! I don`t even watch sports on tv (except for the occasionally basketball game)!

    But when the Olympics are on…? I watch and get so competitive. LOL

    And this tart looks amazing! I do love me some peanut butter!

  3. says

    to be honest, i’m not a huge fan of summer olympics, i love the winter olympics much more, but doesn’t stop me from surfing over to the channels :) this pb truffle tart looks so flipping good!!


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