Pass the Cook Book Club: Pioneer Woman’s Herb Roasted Pork


Today is the very first post for the Pass the Cook Book Club! An idea I had to dust off my ever growing collections of unloved unused cookbooks and challenge myself to test some more recipes. Convinced I was not the only one in this boat, I launched the Pass the Cook Book Club and am really excited to see that there are other people out there that want to test out some new recipes!

Three recipes are chosen from a selected book and the club members can pick the recipe they want to try and we all post on the same day.

Do you need a blog? No. Do you have to participate every month? Nope. Are there tons of rules? No, mainly because I’m a giant slacker. Pretty much, if you want to test the recipe, test them. If not, don’t. I enjoy trying new things, and I’m guessing if you join, you probably do too. I do think you should link back to the book whether it be on Amazon or you’re favorite retailer so that people who are interested by our enthusiasm towards the book can get their hands on one. And I would love some cross promotion of the bloggers involved to help spread the word on the new club!

As for the recipe and book: I dusted off the Pioneer Woman Cooks for our debut book and the Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Au Gratin Potatoes, and the Pots de Creme for our recipe tested to choose from.

The Pioneer Woman is a well established food blogger – a book with her name slapped across the top is pretty much guaranteed to be packed with family friendly recipes, however after my initial flip through, the book went on the shelf to grow moss. When I started this club, I picked this one back up and flipped through some of my tabbed pages and really wanted to test them out. Maybe it just took the 6 month period to really light that fire for me.

Where this pork tenderloin recipe looked long and a little time consuming, it really is pretty basic when you break it down. I changed the roasted root vegetables to veggies I knew Handsome would munch on and had some trouble with the fried cornmeal cakes. So, I did what every red blooded ‘Merican would do and I grabbed a quick box of Jiffy to save the day. The pork was basic and tasty, and I am once again reminded I should treat us to pork tenderloin more often. The roasted veg was a hit – it always is. Do it. And the cornbread under it all was really the icing on the cake. Who doesn’t love cornbread?


Pass the Cook Book Club!


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    I never would have thought to combine cornbread under that meal, but it sounds delicious! What a fun idea to pass the cookbook each month. I have a scary number of cookbooks that just don’t get used any more.

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    This dish looks fabulous! I was initially going to make this one, but I was worried the cornmeal cakes would give me some hassle… so I ended up making the pots de creme instead. (Plus it was an excuse to make something with chocolate, which is something I can never pass up.) Can’t wait for next month’s post!
    PS: I am so jealous that Handsome will actually eat broccoli and cauliflower… The Boy won’t touch the stuff with a ten-foot pole, no matter what I do to it… which makes me sad, because roasted broccoli is actually pretty awesome, as far as I’m concerned. :(

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    This was such a great idea. All three of the recipes look phenomenal. I am hoping to go back and make the potatoes and pork this month, but then again, we all know about good intentions. However, your version of the pork is pretty good motivation.

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    Kita your idea was genius! I like the cornbread cakes and your roast looks perfectly done but I think you need some of those Au Graitn potatoes with pork loin :)

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    I swear I live under a rock and had somehow missed that you guys were going to be doing this – I absolutely love the idea! Great recipes for this first month too, I’m starving after seeing your pork and the potatoes on a few other blogs this morning :)

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    The other day my sister called and said, “have you ever heard of The Pioneer Woman? She has a good food blog.”

    Naturally, I told her she was the last person on the planet to discover PW, and hung up on her.


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