Mixed-Greens and Sausage Soup

Please excuse my posts if they have been a little sporadic lately. I have been fighting one of those weird colds where you don’t feel sick but you need to be on medicine (so I’m all doped up for lack of better terms).

This is my first attempt to post a weekly recipe from a non-internet source. What’s the point in having all these cookbooks and magazines if I’m not making use of them. However, as I mentioned previously, I’m on medicine so that’s going to be my excuse for the abomination of this recipe that took place in the course of its preparation. Either way, it turned out yummy.


What I did different:

  • I didn’t make the dumplings (I’d made a bread earlier in the day that I wanted to use instead) but for some reason I decided to throw in some frozen tortellini I had in the freezer. Everythings better with cheese right?
  • I substituted the mixed greens with kale. Handsome doesn’t really care for any greens that may in the slightest be bitter (actually, he pretty much only likes spinach) but we do both enjoy kale, so in it went.
  • I used chipotle Tabasco for the hot sauce.

I would say that if andouille isn’t common where you live, don’t go out of your way to find it. I think any hot sausage would do in this dish and really didn’t feel the andouille made much of a difference (rather, I thought its flavors were kind of wasted in this soup). All in all, this was a nice hearty soup made with perfect timing as I have no voice as I type this sipping on the broth.

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    very nice site you have, and I like this soup very much, it has so many interesting flavors going on… thanks for stopping by, so glad you did as I am always interesting in what others are cooking


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