Meyer Lemon Pudding Pie

Sometimes you just need a few minutes, moments of inspiration to try to gather your thoughts and come up with a good menu plan for the upcoming holiday dinner. There is so much anticipation for classic family favorites that you only get to indulge in once a year, and then there is the opportunity for new traditions to be brought to the table. For a food blogger, I’m sure you can imagine the ridiculous amount of pressure. Lucky for me, I forgot Easter was this weekend and decided to wing it. A quick phone call between my step mom and I and we pretty much had our bases covered knowing and trusting in one another (and everyone else coming along) that there would be no fear of not enough food.

Check out my posts from last year for a little Easter inspiration and a few suggestions with what to do with all those leftover Peeps.

 Cadburry Cupcakes  Robins Egg Milkshake  



I made these smaller than called for and reduced the time, but as you can see, probably not by enough. I have no finished picture of these pies, but I can assume they are supposed to be more ‘pudding’ like on the inside.  Oh, and my local market only carries one type of lemon. Those, the ones in the bag. Lemon lemons… No mention of Meyer… Sad face. However – I freakin’ loved these and would make them again (and am considering it) in a heartbeat.


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  1. says

    yum :) this would be a perfect dessert for Easter since it’s very springy flavors. I love that you miniaturized these pies — they always seem to taste better mini…but then you always want more so the whole miniaturizing it for portion doesn’t seem to work, but when they look this good, it doesn’t matter :)

  2. says

    If it weren’t for my dad coming this weekend, I probably would’ve totally forgotten to prepare anything. Love this pudding pie.

  3. says

    Yes, yessssss! I’d make these in a heartbeat. My family always wants lemon tartlets. As fond as I am of them, I would like to change things up a bit. Thanks Kita and have a fun holiday.

  4. Marie M.C. says

    I love Meyer lemons. I live in Northern California and have friends/neighbors who grow them in their gardens — where I steal them. However, there’s a way to get close to their flavor. Take one part fresh orange juice to two parts juice from regular lemons. This recipe looks intriguing. It looks more “cake” like than “pudding”.

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